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One Punch Is Not Enough

It would be too easy to ask ,”What were they smoking?”, and for me, not quite accurate since I understood (didn’t agree but understood) all the euphoria behind BHO. Bushlash was a fairly common malady among Americans and just about any alternative would be looked at hard. But this clean articulate half black man from Chicago, all I can say is Just Wow. For those that had not being paying attention, those not aware of what he had actually done, said, and stood for (meaning most of the voters out there) it was a new dawn.

So, what level of buyer’s remorse is out there?

It was not suppose to turn out this way. For a man that had such potential, such vision, and such a bullet proof super majority in both houses, how could we be worse off then before, and $16 trillion in debt for our troubles? The “John Carter” of politics was a “wish” sandwich, a cream puff with no cream, and worse then a bounced check.

How about we let someone have a shot?