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Ho Hum, Beck Is Back

A show of hands, please, is there anyone here (we won’t laugh at you, I promise) who watches Blaze TV?

Last time I even heard about Glenn Beck, he left Foxnews to peddle his own (paid) internet streaming service. Never being a Beck fan, I never missed him. But about 2 months ago I was looking at the Free Preview channel on Dish (my TV provider) and I saw Blaze TV mentioned. Now I guess I can watch Blaze TV for free anytime I want, too bad I don’t want to.

But today (I guess viewership is not stellar and what peeks interest faster than a doomsday scenario?) he gave us this:

Don’t go underground just yet. Well, at least we won’t have long to wait.

Beck mentions a divided nation, hate to break it to him but we have been a divided nation for a very long time, and the divide keeps growing. I can’ think of a time where there was more actual bitter hatred, smash mouthed hatred for the other side. Many times I feel it myself. I don’t need a lecture on stereotyping, I get that people are individuals and just because one scum sucking progressive does something monumentally asinine, that they do not represent all scum sucking progressives. I also get that there are some vile soulless reprobates on my side, and they don’t speak for me. And maybe its just a product of our 24 hour news environment where even the commonest of douchebags has a forum and a method to disseminate his bile to the masses, but too many times of late I have seen examples of people that desperately need some violence heaped upon them, that is difficult for a pacifist like myself.

But back to bringing down the whole power structure, I say lets do it. I can’t think of a better administration to have this fall on. Democrats and Republicans, they can all pack their bags. The existing power structure is not serving us well, a little scandal to do the trick is probably what is necessary since they won’t go willingly.

Granted, all this assumes that Beck is on to something, what are the odds?

I am reminded of that clown, that 90 year old preacher that predicted the end of the world, twice. Beck is all in, all his chips are on the table. He better show us something, that is if anyone is even listening to him.