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Georgia On My Mind

Boy, do I feel silly. It could be that because I am not one of the 200 or so regular viewers of the new Current TV network, new home of Keith Olbermann (Counting down to an audience of zero)I figured Michael Moore had either eaten himself to death months ago, that, or was in Cuba (home of the world’s greatest health care system) having another of his monthly rounds of liposuction surgery. So I was a bit surprised to find out that he is still around and kicking (well, waddling) and as ornery as ever. Here is his latest pathetic ploy in grasping at relevancy:

Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for an economic boycott of Georgia over this week’s execution of Troy Anthony Davis.

“I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, [and] to never do business in Georgia,” Moore said on his website this week.

The Academy-Award winning filmmaker and best-selling author also called on his publisher to pull his memoir, “Here Comes Trouble,” from every Georgia bookstore.

If Grand Central Publishing doesn’t pull the 427-page book, Moore said he will “donate every dime of every royalty my book makes in Georgia to help defeat the racists and killers who run that state.”

Putting his Twinkie money where is mouth is, that is quite a commitment. Ya know, as a self described “man of the people” he should certainly know that boycotting the state would put a lot of folks out of work, or has he not connected dot A to dot E? And him being as influential as he is, able to rally the commoners to his cause with one speech, I imagine those poor Georgians are shaking in their boots.

Brian Robinson, a spokesman for Gov. Nathan Deal, found the filmmaker’s rant amusing.

“We think it’s cute that he thinks anyone in Georgia would buy his book, but if any Georgian does, I’m happy to double the royalties and buy a pack of gum for a charity of Michael Moore’s choice,” Robinson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Very nice, I’m liking this guy, but Michael Moore’s favorite charity, is Michael Moore.

I am all for keeping the power of the consumer vibrant and effective, this is how we keep the businesses we like in business, dollars talk. And in this spirit I really don’t have a problem with this silly stunt. But on the flip side, I relish my position as a consumer to show my support for those being targeted unfairly.

Last year Target Stores became the target of a smear campaign by some whinny patrons who wanted to punish the store for what they considered some ill advised political contributions. Check out the video of this loony woman grabbing her 15 minutes of fame. No, this was not a contribution to Pastor Phelps and his band of bigots (that I could get behind), mnforward is a local home grown PAC that gives money to candidates they feel would be good for the state’s economic prosperity, job creators or politicians that are friendly to job creators.

After watching that video I decided to find and check out my local Target store in an attempt to nullify whatever damage this woman was doing. Turns out Target is not a bad store, who knew they also sell food? And now I stop in a few times a year.

I started to do a web search on items I could buy from Georgia, just to help out, but soon realized that Brian Robinson had it right, nobody listens to that scruffy tub of goo. If nothing else this it will give the locals a chuckle. Hostess and Little Debbie cakes are made outside of Georgia, he did his research before the announcement.