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Donate, Or Else!!!

Gangland thuggery, coming to a mail box near you. Chicago Jesus still runs his fiefdom like Al Capone, and expects his protection money to keep coming in uninterrupted:

Despite the herculean efforts of the national media, President Obama’s reelection campaign continues to fall short of its groundbreaking “Hope and Change” campaign in 2008. In January, its fundraising haul actually fell below the level raised in January 2008, when Obama was a first-term Senator running against the Democrat establishment’s favorite candidate. They’ve resorted to raffling off dinner with the President, but eventually had to cut the price of raffle tickets from $5 to $1. Now, it seems, the Obama campaign has decided to resort to SEIU-style intimidation to fill its campaign coffers.

They got nothing on Marsellus Wallace, who bragged about getting some home boys to work on you with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.

Check out that attached letter, dropping a piano on you would be more subtle.

You know, the first thing to came to mind was those apostasy laws as practiced in Muslim countries, where those so inclined to leave the fold are leaned on and hunted down. Here to ,”We noticed that you have given money to the cause in the past, why aren’t you continuing to give? You don’t think we will let you just stop, do you? We know where you live, if you are white and do not want us to brand you a racist, you know what you have to do. You voluntarily joined our group, but you can’t just walk away, oh no, we can’t have that”.

The bloom is off the rose for any ex Obama supporters. The window dressing of being cool and hip, of being post racial and supporting the guy all your professors supported, that pretense does nothing to abolish the familiar yardstick of ,”Are you better off then 4 years ago”.

Obama has one leg cut off, all that is needed is do lean on him a bit, Is anyone from the GOP up to the task?

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