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Getting Explosure

A blog that I have plugged before here is IOTW, a smart, funny, topical blog that offers up content on a wide variety of issues, Oh, and Big Fur Hat (the main writer) is one funny dude. Today he highlighted a post written by Right Wing News lamenting the diminishing reach and influence of conservative blogs. He offered up a chance for readers who also write blogs to get some press and exposure, to offer up their own blog to the readers, maybe get more eyeballs. I wrote a comment showcasing this site with the hopes of extending our readership.

That was a few hours ago. I just revisited the site and they have cross posted one of Hal’s posts, good thing they included our own comments so I can get some rebuttal points.

It’s a good sign when other blogs are paying attention to what we are doing here, good job, Hal.