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Reuters misses the real lesson to be learned from information

Now that our bloated government has shut down, we are getting reports from the DNC propaganda arm better known as the LSM about how horrible things are. Queue this article on the EPA which reveals that:

(Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will take one of the biggest hits of any federal agency if the government shuts down this week, operating with under 7 percent of its employees, according to guidance issued by the agency.

Among those furloughed would be most workers at the Office of Air and Radiation, which is in charge of writing and implementing most of the EPA’s major air pollution rules. The clock would also stop, for now, on the EPA’s eagerly-awaited proposal on renewable fuel volume standards for 2014.

The EPA said its plan for dealing with a shutdown would classify 1,069 employees, out of 16,205, as essential. These employees would continue to work if Congress fails to secure a budget deal by midnight Monday to avoid disruption to federal funding.

Reuters goes on to tell us what a tragedy it is that all these people are furlouged. Me, I see a bloated agency that could reduce its workforce of unessential employees by some 15K people, or even better yet, be done away with. Since the EPA is a hack of an agency that the left uses to straddle the country with bullshit that congress critters are afraid to pass – it would likely cost them their cushy seat as the voters kick them out – I think doing away with it would be the best option for American tax payers. Instead, I bet what will happen is that these people will all get a paid vacation that us tax payers can foot the bill for. When they come back they will also be extra motivated to do stupid things that cause more harm than anything else.