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Clapper, is either a liar or a fool. Our security is in great hands.

Yeah, again we have to go to the foreign media to get the facts, because our own simply wants to bury the facts deep in order to cover for the systemic and systematic abuses of power by the administration that promised us they would be the most ethical and transparent one evah! Anyway, as we find out, either Clapper is a fucking moron, or he is a conniving and lying SOB. But either way, he is part & parcel of the abuses of power and deception by this skeevy and corrupt authoritarian administration. Neither option bodes well. Unfortunately in today’s climate, where the LSM and the left are perfectly content to make excuses for abuses of power they would never, ever, have tolerated just some 5 or more years ago, because the real abuses are being done by Black Jesus’ administration and they are invested in the perfidy, this doesn’t even rate coverage here at home.

The most senior US intelligence official told a Senate oversight panel that he “simply didn’t think” of the National Security Agency’s efforts to collect the phone records of millions of Americans when he testified in March that it did “not wittingly” snoop on their communications.

James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, made the comments in a letter to the Senate intelligence committee, released in full for the first time on Tuesday.

Portions of the letter, in which Clapper apologised for giving “clearly erroneous” testimony at a March hearing of the committee, were first reported by the Washington Post on Monday. Clapper had previously said that his answer to the committee was the “least untruthful” one he could publicly provide.

In the full letter, Clapper attempted to explain the false testimony by saying that his recollection failed him. “I simply didn’t think of Section 215 of the Patriot Act,” he wrote to committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (Democrat, California) on 21 June, referring to the legal provision cited to justify the mass collection of Americans’ phone data, first disclosed by the Guardian.

So we are stuck with having to believe these people are truly as inept as we suspect they are, or they are such craven liars that they are perfectly comfortable letting people believe they are inept to excuse criminal behavior The country is in the best of hands.

Heh. “I told you so”, somehow seems to fall short. It’s a wonder that the terrorists are not killing us left and right with these fucking incompetent assholes in charge. I bet you they are quick on the take, and fleet of action against any right wing organization they feel might give them trouble, though. Priorities! We should have taken Big Sis at her word when she told us this administration believed the real threat was not from Islamic radical, but from conservatives.

Nixon got jibbed, I tell you. he was forced to resign for much less than what these fuckers are doing.