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Slowly, the Truth About Ethanol Emerges

We’ve talked quite a bit about the dangerous delusion of ethanol fuel. It creates (maybe) as much energy as it consumes, so it doesn’t actually benefit our energy situation. It diverts corn to fueling cars instead of people, thus raising global food prices and causing hunger. It tears up engines. It doesn’t benefit the economy. And … to cap it off … it actually harms the environment.

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Beating the Dead Ethanol Cow

We’ve been over this and over this: corn ethanol is a disaster. It’s fiscal sinkhole, an environmental fiasco and an engineering nightmare. It tears apart cars, encourages monocropping and raises food prices. And it is net energy loser. Libertarians, environmentalists, most conservatives, engineers and many liberals have found agreement on this one topic: corn ethanol needs to go.

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The Green Fleet


On Monday, the U.S. Navy will officially announce the ships for its demonstration of the “Great Green Fleet” — an entire aircraft carrier strike group powered by biofuels and other eco-friendly energy sources. If a powerful congressional panel has its way, it could be the last time the Navy ever uses biofuels to run its ships and jets.

In its report on next year’s Pentagon budget, the House Armed Services Committee banned the

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Pawlenty Goes There

With Mitch Daniels out, the GOP nomination is quickly narrowing, at least in the non-crazy division. And I think Tim Pawlenty just scored some big points with a speech in Iowa:

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty made a potentially risky move during his campaign launch speech in Iowa: he called for a phaseout of ethanol subsidies.

“The hard truth is that there are no longer any sacred programs,” said Pawlenty. “The truth about federal energy

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