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I hope he gets elected just for this

Just so we can finally have someone have a politician that can claim they reduced the rediculously large size of a bureaucratic, inefficient, politically biased, corrupt, and largely inept government and be right about it. And all we would need is for Trump to be elected!

If you needed more proof our government was not serving us citizens, shit like this should leave you with no doubt that Leviathan could stand to shed some of the bloat. Yeah, I know that Trump’s election would only remove 25% of its size 9if these shitbags actually were kind enough to keep their word), and I personally would prefer to see at least half of it, if not more, go up in smoke. I wonder if these idiots would also move to Canada and do the country a double service!

This is what job creation looks like in liberal land

Unbelievable. How the left’s policies creates jobs on display! More government work that just sucks cash from the productive sector:

Economic woes have forced at least one city agency into a hiring spree — adding more workers to process the demand for food stamps and other assistance. The Human Resources Administration added more than 100 workers last July and plans to hire another 100 to serve the burgeoning number of New Yorkers applying for food stamps and rent assistance at their offices, according to the Daily News.

About 1.8 million New Yorkers are now on food stamps, which marks nearly a 65 percent increase from four years ago, according to city records. The increase in applicants has led to overcrowding at HRA offices throughout the city, and the agency said at a council hearing Tuesday that it had to hire scores of new workers and supervisors to manage the situation.

Yeah baby! We need more of these policies that force others to become dependant on government to solve our big jobs problem. You can not make this shit up to show how big of a failure the left’s way of doing things really is. Queue the people angry at me for being so insensitive to the needy, while completely ignoring the fact so many are needy precisely because of other such policies & priorities on the left.

For three years now they have blamed Bush for a bad economy they got “handed”. For the first two years after that, when they controlled both organs of congress with clear majorities and the WH, the priority was to implement costly and damaging policies intended to turn America into another Western European shithole nanny state. The last year has been spent blocking any real attempts to change the damage they caused in those first 2 years. This year looks to be more of the same, with things that provide great political sound bites to pre-empt any real action to address the disastrous consequences of the left’s reign of terror. Queue the morons that want to pretend the $5 trillion tacked on, in just the last 3 years, to the $10 trillion it took over 200 years to amass, was because of defense spending and not the massive bloated nanny state spending that was priority one for the crowd that wants to fundamentally change America. But it is all good. It’s being done to make things fair. Equal misery for all the plebes!

This is what “Hope & Change” looks like. Get used to it, and expect worse, if these class warriors are left in power for another 4 years. Ain’t this stuff all great? We need a lot fewer of the4se kinds of jobs created. Not more.

Obligatory this is f-ed up post.

It seems that a jury has found the Michael Jackson doctor guilty of involuntary man slaughter. While I frankly do not care much about Michael Jackson or this doctor, I do care about the precedent being set by this case. Basically we have a case where government has decided to prosecute someone for what literally amounts to stupidity/accident/negligence, and that worries me. Should this guy have been sued in civil court? Absolutely. Should his license have been pulled. You bet. But sending him to jail? WTF?

There is no way this doctor was out to kill Jackson, his gravy train, and I find the whole premise preposterous that a case could be brought to criminal trail without a real motive. And the whole premise that since Jackson was an addict, the doctor should never have left him with access to these drugs alone, resulting in a criminal case, frightens the bejesus out of me. Yes MJ was someone famous, but that shouldn’t factor in. How far of a stretch is it from this to judges suddenly feeling that parents that let their kid, which got in a fatal (or otherwise) accident, get a drivers license too early, now need to stand criminal trial? Or that someone ignoring some madjob trying to jump out of a window was negligent, and must face the same?

Mark my words, this has opened a can of worms that will have dangerous and sweeping consequences now that government has appropriated to itself the right to decide to prosecute people criminally for accidents or simple bad judgement without any intent to really do harm.

Preparing the battlepace for Obamacare

That’s what your tax dollars are doing over at NPR, where they spent 4 minutes talking about how evil the conservative judges on the SCOTUS were while ignoring the one with most strikes against them: Obama’s appointee Kagan.

Have no doubt that this is the left preparing the battle space for the Obamacare fight. The constitution is toilet paper to these people. Big government the only answer. And what a way to gain real control of people controlling their access to healthcare gives you. The left is playing for keeps, and they are going to try real hard to use the courts to get them what they told us we needed to elt them pass before we could find out what was coming our way, despite the consitutionality fo the whole thing.

Expect a lot more of this from the LSM.