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This is what job creation looks like in liberal land

Unbelievable. How the left’s policies creates jobs on display! More government work that just sucks cash from the productive sector:

Economic woes have forced at least one city agency into a hiring spree — adding more workers to process the demand for food stamps and other assistance. The Human Resources Administration added more than 100 workers last July and plans to hire another 100 to serve the burgeoning number of New Yorkers applying for

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Obligatory this is f-ed up post.

It seems that a jury has found the Michael Jackson doctor guilty of involuntary man slaughter. While I frankly do not care much about Michael Jackson or this doctor, I do care about the precedent being set by this case. Basically we have a case where government has decided to prosecute someone for what literally amounts to stupidity/accident/negligence, and that worries me. Should this guy have been sued in civil court? Absolutely. Should his license … Read more

Preparing the battlepace for Obamacare

That’s what your tax dollars are doing over at NPR, where they spent 4 minutes talking about how evil the conservative judges on the SCOTUS were while ignoring the one with most strikes against them: Obama’s appointee Kagan.

Have no doubt that this is the left preparing the battle space for the Obamacare fight. The constitution is toilet paper to these people. Big government the only answer. And what a way to gain real … Read more