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I think I’ll Take The Bus

Navigating city traffic can resemble gazelle herds on the Serengeti Plain, some days there is safety in numbers, other days, you are “whats for dinner?”

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

All I can say is that the cops have surrendered to the mob.

Given the chaos present here, I am surprised that 1) there are not more fatalities and accident, 2) there is not more bird flipping or rock throwing going on, and 3) damn, those people are good. I would be so tempted (sorry Jim) to speed bump almost every one of those bikers, they’re all nuts. And you notice that hardly anyone of those pedestrians are yapping on cell phones? those knuckleheads have already been thinned out of the herd.

I very rarely go into The City, not much difference between there and this video, but when I do I notice the same type of mentality, it’s the ,”Hey, I’m driving/riding/walking here, so get out of my way”, and like the Serengeti, you show weakness, some hesitation or a noticeable limp, and you might as well just crawl into the lion’s mouth right there.

I can’t abide big cities anyway but these folks, they got onions.