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I think I figured out…

The differed between a dangerous and stupid cowboy-esque president, like, say GWB, and any much more enlightened man-of-the-world Nobel Peace prize holders, like, say Obama, and it was not that hard. All it took was the recent Bergdahl incident and things like this. And you know what it is? The leftist love the process and pretense of following the law. Yes, I said “pretense of following the law”, and I meant it.

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Battlespace preparations: Billary is a hawk!

So, Time magazine has some fluff piece where they desperately are trying to make Hillary look like a bad ass, both a military genius and reserved statesmen, and it is blatantly obvious:

Midway through Barack Obama’s first term as president, U.S. officials grew alarmed that Israel might launch a unilateral air strike against Iran’s nuclear program. Iran had snubbed Obama’s outreach after the 2008 election, and rejected an October 2009 international proposal to ship

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This allegation better turn out to be bullshit, or else…

The Weekly Standard has this insane post claiming that “Congressman Frank Wolf, a Republican from Virginia, said today on the House floor that survivors of the Benghazi terror attack have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements“. WTF? They, meaning the Hillary Clinton State Department, the Holder DOJ, Big Sis’s former DHS, the Obama WH, or a combination of any of these, made survivors of Benghazi sign NDAs? More information;

“According to trusted sources

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I am sure that it is the conspiracy theorist in me.. (UPDATED)

That makes me feel that there definitely was an orchestrated high level cover-up operation, led from the WH of all places, which included the usual willing leftard sheeple in the LSM, to help them hide the disastrous happenings in Benghazi, and when we hear how the WH is actively threatening anyone with dire consequences should they choose to ignore that WH directive to keep quiet, it is all bunk. What the hey! These crooks … Read more

If it was not for evil Fox News the LSM wouldn’t have to bother..

Looks like at least one of the leftists has the guts to call out the LSM o giving cover to Team Blue and the black Jesus on the whole drone striking and Benghazi fiasco. Author, lecturer, and human rights activist Brigitte Gabriel today while being interviewed of all places on Fox News, since the LSM is conspiring to keep the story buried, discussed the hypocrisy of the Democrat-media complex in regard to the Obama drone … Read more