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Hey Mr DJ: Fair Share Edition

This week, Congress decided how much everyone was fairly obliged to pay to the federal government and Boehner was comfortably returned to the Speaker chair. Have we brought fairness to our tax code? Fuck no. And no reasonable person could say that Boehner deserved to be left in his position. As proof, I point to the fact that the House Republicans did just exactly that.

As Washington continues to exert itself to ever greater displays of unaccountable ineptitude, I am heading off this morning to interview for a promotion at my current employer. An opportunity brought about by years of dedication and hard work. I only bring this up to note my ambivalence about the existence or absence of fairness. In my own case, I can see how my own efforts have brought about opportunity. Pretty straight-line fairness, right? Yet in the larger scheme, I’ve never been more confused by looking at events and seeing my own sense of fairness left so unfulfilled.

We are clearly our own judges of what is and isn’t fair. I don’t think Obama deserved to be re-elected based on his economic record, for example. I also think that it’s wrong for the federal government to raise taxes when it is incapable of living within its means. I think everybody should have to pay something in federal income taxes and have some stake in society.

Clearly, America disagrees with me.

Let’s have some music about it. I deserve songs about:

1. Getting what’s due, good or bad

2. Karma, fortune, luck, joss, chance, and all those strange twists that seem to lead to some being successful where others fail

3. Anything by a musician who has been waaay to hyped beyond his/her abilities or talent. Or maybe just an asshole who really deserves to suffer (Hint: Madonna has lots of songs)

4. Schadenfreude or even just a touch of: “You know, one of these days, something terrible is gonna happen to you. It HAS to!”

5. You don’t deserve a fifth. What? You think you do? Fine. How about “Getting Away With It?”

And yet, my own sense of fairness insists that I redistribute the wealth of my musical library to those who earned it last week.

Biggie G: Let’s Lynch the Landlord by The Dead Kennedys

pfluffy: Give it Away by RHCP

Santino: First It Giveth by Queens of the Stone Age

Iconoclast: The Good Times Are Killing Me by Modest Mouse

working_man: Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

Santino: Charlie Brown by Coldplay

thelastdakrat: Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man) by Devo

Mississippi Yankee: Mr. Lincoln by Hank Williams, Jr