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That “Skin Deep” Thing

I made a comment in an earlier thread this week about the disconnect with some couples where half of the whole clearly appears out of the league of the other. We hear sayings like ,”there’s no accounting for taste” and ,”Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. With this in mind I am throwing out a puff piece.

Men’s Health Magazine has come out it’s Hottest Women Of All Time List. You can go over the entire list yourself here. Obviously there are some incredibly attractive women on this list, my beef is the order in which they are ranked. Granted, anything subjective is opinion based and we all know what they say about opinions. But it can reveal some biases and provide for some good discussion:

Here is my top five all time beautiful women:

1)Grace Kelly
2) Christie Brinkley
3) Donna Dixon
4) Sharon Tate
And something a bit more current, Olivia Wilde

Clearly many that made the Men’s Health list were thrown in more for their talent then for their beauty, the problem with going this route is that if they are singers and you think they suck at singing, you will deduct points for beauty as well, ditto those actresses.

And it’s the lazy man’s way out to just throw up a bunch of VS models into the mix. The article mentioned that Anniston won primarily because she was funny, I don’t agree, but that is a valid point.

So, show us your list of top 5, prove that you have a more discerning eye then the rest of us.