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Football Rules

Let’s ease into the week with this amusement from the WSJ. It’s 32 rules for family Thanksgiving touch football:

3. The game must be played before dinner. Nobody wants to play football after Thanksgiving. Nobody wants to wear pants after Thanksgiving.

11. Unless you live in California, Hawaii or Florida or some fancy place like that, the ground is probably going to be squishy with cold mud, and someone in your family is going to fall down face-first and ruin his or her Thanksgiving outfit. This is not cause for alarm. This is the highlight of the game.

And my favorite, in light of this weekend’s games that seem to foretell yet another BCS trainwreck:

31. If you win your game and stand undefeated, please let LSU know you’re available to play in the BCS championship.

I’m just hoping my bulldogs knock off LSU in the SEC championship game. God knows what the BCS will do then. Stanford vs. Okie State?