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Oh, that old double standard

Wearing an Obama mask is a hate crime but a movie where Boosh gets assassinated and Darth Cheney rapes everyone, well that’s all cool shit because it is political satire or something.

Frankly I think a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is a sad indictment of rodeo clowning. Obama isn’t even worthy of the clown title. Clowns have to supposedly make people laugh. Obama makes people cry. And leftists have done far worse in this insulting department. This whole insane clown show is nothing but more of the “LOOK OVER HERE! SQUIRREL!!!1!eleventy!!” bullshit distraction tactic.

With so many real instances of behavior by this WH and their government cronies showing how incompetent and uncaring of violations of rights and freedoms, they are going around being swept under the rug instead of blossoming into the real scandals they are, it is no wonder that they keep looking for bullshit to distract the masses.

Bread and circuses….

It is evil Boosh the fascist doing this! Right?

What am I talking about? Well, warrantless spying lives on in the Obama age and we all know that the left hated these violations of our rhts when Boosh-Cimpy-McHitler did them:

U.S. spies can rest easy knowing that the nation’s warrantless wiretapping program — secretly employed by the President George W. Bush administration in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks — won’t expire at year’s end.

That’s because Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) said Wednesday he would lift his procedural hold that bars the Senate from voting on the FISA Amendments Act, which the President Barack Obama administration maintains is its top national-security priority. The only real issue is for how many years the spy bill will be extended for and, according to Wyden, whether any transparency or privacy protections will be written into the spy program that Congress codified in 2008.

Other than that, it’s a done deal.

Apparently when done by Team Obama, stuff like this which heralded the coming fascist state isn’t such a big deal and deserves nothing more than some harsh words. Even the ACLU seems to only be playing games at this point. I know! It was bad when Boosh did it because he wanted to catch terrorists. Obama wants to catch enemies of the state, and since this ability can be used to deal with those pesky conservatives – which are far more dangerous than the silly religious haters that the left empathizes with – this renewal isn’t such a bad idea.

If it was not for double standards……