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Remember what I was talking about?

I am referring to the conversation I had in the comment section of one or more of our OWS posts here about who we really need to be angry at and blame for our current disastrous situation. When I pointed out that these OWS people where barking at the wrong people and that they and most Americans needed to understand who the real culprits and enablers in this mess are, because they where basically asking the culprits, motivated by the power & money they got making the system dependant on them for favors, I was talking about this. In fact, I specifically mentioned this asshole as one of the biggest perps.

Rep. Barney Frank might sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, but he’s still got friends in the financial world. The Massachusetts Democrat is heading to New York hoping to raise tens of thousands of dollars Thursday at a fundraiser at the home of Charles Myers, a senior investment banking advisor at Evercore Partners.

Myers is one of several Wall Street execs listed on the invite soliciting up to $2,500 from attendees for Frank’s reelection committee, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO. Frank, the co-author of the sweeping financial regulatory reform bill signed into law last year, said in a recent interview with POLITICO that he didn’t see any conflict between supporting the protests and taking financial services money.

So there you have it. I am against evil Wall Street but I am there raking in their cash! Barney’s Defense?

“If you take money from them, but you don’t vote [for] the things they want, how does that put you in conflict?” Frank questioned.

Fuck, he thinks we are stupid! WTF do you think the Dodd-Frank bill did, huh? And remember that Barney was a huge supporter & enabler of the TARP bank bailouts. Maybe Barney misspoke when he said that he doesn’t vote for the things they want and really meant that even when he gives them the things they want, they end up doing bad. Seriously, does he really want us to believe that these Wall Street execs are too stupid to figure out, after decades of paying big money for Barney’s time, that they are getting nothing, and that they just keep doing it out of desperation or some other motive? And this is the guy you think will fix things for ya? Hah!

Want another laugher?

Frank said he supports the movement “to the extent that they obey the law” and that he wishes “that kind of energy was around two years ago when we were voting on the financial reform bill. We’d have a tougher bill.”

Hah! Obey the law? That’s one huge understatement. I know the LSM has done a bang up job of not reporting how much trouble the various authorities have had with practically every one of the hippy infested OWS groups. Maybe what Barney really means is that he wants to co-opt the energy of these astroturffed events to hold on to that seat that allows him to bend so many people over.