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Hey Mr DJ: Back Bay Bravery Edition

Boston is one of my favorite big cities. A rich history, thriving downtown, and hundreds of fine restaurants. I spent a few days there last summer while I was taking some company training, being that our corporate headquarters is there. I’m never disappointed by Boston.

It surprised me that this bombing was successfully carried out in Boston. To me, it seemed to be an incredibly safe city for its size and it seemed like their were always plenty of cops around, watching everything.

Something definitely slipped in the prevention, but not in the response. In the aftermath of the bombing, I followed the conversations between our corporate business continuity, security, and other personnel and I was damn proud of them. If they were frightened, you never would have known it. Despite having offices in the immediate area of the bombing, evacuations were orderly. Employees who had participated in the Marathon as volunteers were efficiently accounted for and returned to work the next day.

This was consistent with what we saw out of Bostonians all day long. First responders saved lives (the survival rate was incredible when you compare dead to wounded ratio), bystanders rushed in to the blast zone seconds after the explosions to aid others, and people opened up their homes for those who had nowhere else to go.

I’ll never forget what I saw out of Boston on that day…and I hope the sorry fuckers who blew those poor people up don’t forget it either. Boston was bombed. It was NOT terrorized. Yes, they killed and maimed people, but the only things that they will ultimately see destroyed are their own lives and pathetic cause.

Today, we honor that great city and forgive it its faults for electing all those goddamn Kennedy’s. Let’s have:

1. Music about manning-up. Doing what needs to be done, no matter what.

2. Boston. Songs about the city, artists from there, or even the band Boston.

3. Patriots. Inspirational and thoughtful music about Amurkans bringin’ them terrists to justice dead or alive.

Ball Bearings for Brains Bonus: Music for the truly deranged, crazed, and paranoid. I think I read the first lunatic speculation within two hours of the bombing. The psycho-fuck cycle spins fast these days.

First, please rise for our national anthem.

I’ve never heard a crowd sing it that loud, ever. Doing it right.

Now for those of you who just simply must have your oh-so-very-fucking-special dedications…

Mississippi Yankee: Paranoid by Black Sabbath BONUS!

CM: The Hero by Queen (1)

Biggie G: Takin’ the Blame by The Virginmarys (1)

pfluffy: Strut by KMFDM (1) Womanning-up.

WVR: Do or Die by Dropkick Murphys (1 & 2)

Santino: I Hear Colors by The Black Angels BONUS! From the brand new album, at that.

InsipiD: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even by Aerosmith (1 & 2)

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