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Sensata Nonsense

How do you know the liberals are worried about the polls? Because they are dragging out things like Sensata. Apparently, Bain Capital owns a little over half of Sensata. Sensata recently bought a plant in Illinois and decided to outsource all the jobs to China. So, since Mitt Romney is part of Bain …

I understand the bitterness of the workers in Freeport, who have lost their jobs. I have no idea whether Sensata’s decision is good idea or a bad one. I do know that this has nothing to do with Mitt Romney, who does not run Bain and whose assets are in a blind trust. Even if he wanted to stop this move, he couldn’t. This is just a liberal ecosphere desperately trying to pin a scandal on Mitt. They even posted a picture of a Sensata plant in China, claiming it was the Freeport one.