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A Passing Grade

Thinking with your dick is never a good idea, unless your dick is smarter then you. And rivaling that is thinking like a doe eyed 13 year old ,”But mom, we love each other”.

A Modesto man, a teacher, old enough to know better has decided that his groin will now be calling the shots:

Remember, these are the people your state has tasked with educating and influencing your kids:

A California teacher quit his job, left his wife and kids, and moved in with an 18-year-old student less than half his age, saying he knows “she’s the one.”

The relationship between James Hooker, 41, and high school senior Jordan Powers shocked loved ones and community members, and prompted police to launch an investigation into whether there was inappropriate contact between the two before Powers turned 18 last September.

What a loser.

Discounting the clear abuse of power, the violation of the teacher/student dynamic, and the predatory nature of this sordid affair, you would think that in satisfying his mid life crisis he could at least target someone who has already graduated.

What adds a bit of flavor to this story is the fact that Modesto is not Berkeley, S.F., or Cambridge, this is bible belt country, people usually behave themselves and don’t countenance scandals.

The good news, it could be worse, your just turned 18 year old daughter could be a crack whore, in love with her pimp, and carrying his baby. But here, mom can at least take comfort in that her daughter will be well educated, can conjugate verbs, know the difference between syntax and similes, and at least know who is buried in Grant’s tomb.

What really tells me that this guy is a loser is that he quit his job over this girl, what a knucklehead, you can’t live on love. He should have kept his powder dry and said ,”You think I did anything inappropriate? Fire Me”. Knowing the powers of the teachers union and who really calls the shots, he could be getting paid, all the while sitting on his ass at home.

Years ago I knew the school superintendent of the local school district, he got fired (not sure why) but fought it and threatened to sue the school board. For 18 months he drew his salary, was at the tennis courts everyday and was not working at all. You gotta know when you are holding 4 aces.

6 months from now (or less) this girl is going to come to her senses and realize how stupid immature she was and deep six this wanker, he will still be unemployed (what other school would hire him?) and paying alimony and child support for 3 kids. Life is good.