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Parental Putzes

One of my pet peeves is stupid parental behavior. No doubt it has something to do with the circumstances (the difficulty, cost, and time spent) involving the conception of my own kid, but mostly, since children are helpless and so dependent on proper parenting, it is empathy for those most deserving of it. It can manifest itself  in many ways, from inappropriate names , teaching toddlers offensive vulgar words (yes, you heard it right), even drugging your little girl so that you can go out and party.

So what  do guys think of this pig mom and what she is doing to her little girl?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I did not know that 8 year olds had wrinkles. And how about that weak ass dodge of ,”Well, the other contestants are doing it to”,  condoning bad behavior by comparing it to other bad behavior?

For our foreign friends, there exists here in America this need, usually held by the lower economic/trailer trash types, to live vicariously through their children (their lives are so miserable that maybe they can glom some pleasure through their off spring) and kiddy beauty pageants are a popular way to do this. Hence, at the 1:47 mark we see the finished product.


Botox is not a regulated substance and can be purchased online, yet this woman is hesitant to reveal her source, is she stealing it from her work or is this some Mexican strain that is juiced up but illegal to possess?

A couple other questions dawned on me. The reporter mentions that the little girl has had “the upper area of her legs” waxed, is this like the thigh area? Is she getting bikini waxes, at 8? And notice the props she got from the little munchkin (I’m referring to George) for how restrained and controlled she was through out the interview, did this have anything to do with the fact that the bad behavior was done by the mom? Hypothesize this out a bit, say she was interviewing a man who was shooting up his son with steroids because he is on the wrestling team, me thinks said interviewer would be less controlled, more apt to rip into him, and more praised by Georgee for being courageous, just a thought.

I wonder if she would of been as controlled if mom had made the little girl get  a boob job or made her go through some sort of facial reconstructive surgery.

People like this need to be beat with a large stick. At best, this girl will suffer esteem problems for the rest of her life. At worst, we will read about her dying of anorexia at the age of 16.