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People Behaving Badly

If you guys want to use this thread to vent about some of your pet peeves, have at it, because I’m about to reveal one of mine, most notably, rude asshats and their inability to incorporate the feelings of others in their daily pursuits.

A woman who was escorted off an Amtrak train by police this weekend after she allegedly refused to stop talking loudly on her cell-phone has the Internet cheering her fate.

Civilians and quiet-car champions are supporting her ejection for violating policy at high volume during the 16-hour journey. It doesn’t help her cause that she became belligerent when confronted about it by one of her fellow passengers.

Some things here just defy reality, such as how can anyone yammer on their cell phone for 16 straight hours? How can anyone camped out in a “quite car” clearly marked as such think it social and permissible to annoy everyone around them with a marathon phone call? and most strangely, what took those people in that quiet car so long to reign that woman in? And would you of waited say more than 15 minutes before a serious intervention transpired?

It would of been nice if someone else in that car could of videod some of the altercation between the “disrespected” offender and the other folks trying to intervene but I think we can determine that she did not take their advice in a friendly manner, which culminated in the cops being called and the lady being hauled off of the train.

Some things you can bank on, this woman has probably been contacted by several dozen attorney’s who would give a limb for the chance to sue Amtrak, and you can bet that Amtrak will give her money to shut her up, regardless of the criminal charges brought against her. I would like to see some of the other passengers sue this woman for emotional trauma inflicted and for delaying their journey (not really, I hate frivolous lawsuit, but more bad stuff should happen to this woman).

My normal response to loud boisterous cell phone yackers is to stare them in plain sight with this obvious quizzical look on my face that just screams ,”Are you an effing idiot? None of us want to hear your phone conversation”. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Other things on my hit list: littering, people that treat waiters/waitresses badly, people that let their kids go berserk in public, oh, and guys that lay their hands on a woman, for any reason.

So, anything bug you?