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Gunrunner update: the gift that keeps on giving..

Man, I am loving this whole debacle. Just this morning I posted about how we now have proof Holder not only knew about these operations, but likely ran them, and now we find out that the WH is telling the LSM to shut up about this scandal:

What’s more, CBS News investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson — who’s been covering the scandal from the beginning — says in an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show today that the White House and Justice Department have taken to screaming at her for reporting on the story.

Why would the WH want to prevent reporting on what’s clearly a scandal unless they suspected that if more people found out more people would be connecting the dots? You are a member of the LSM, we control you, shut up! I really don’t buy the WH’s explanation on why this isn’t anything worth reporting either:

Finally, Attkisson notes that the White House is claiming that a thorough investigation of the scandal is unwarranted:

This is like the bloodied Axe murderer caught stuffing his latest victims in a shallow grave telling you to move on because there is nothing to see! The more this plays out, the more it becomes obvious that the WH has far more invested in this than just Holder running a rogue operation. I am going to enjoy this! Pass the popcorn. Don’t mind me telling you “I told you so” either.

That ATF sting operation: who was it really targeted at?

What am I talking about? Well, this story about a border patrol agent shot and killed by Mexican drug cartel members:

On the night of December 14, 2010, Agent Terry was on duty in the Rio Rico area of Southern Arizona about 15 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. He and three fellow BORTAC agents were summoned to Peck Canyon, one of the many rural pathways alongside Interstate 19 that are notorious as transport routes for smugglers of drugs, humans, and other contraband. Peck Canyon is also notorious as an area plagued by Mexican bandits known as “rip crews” who prey not only on the smugglers and illegal aliens, but also on hikers, ranchers, local police, and Border Patrol agents. Robbery, rape, and murder have become the bandits’ stock in trade. As in so many other areas along our southern border, the rip crews are usually heavily armed, with full-auto machine guns. These areas are assigned to BORTAC Units, a sort of Special Forces for the Border Patrol, composed of tough, highly trained, well-armed, expert marksmen who know the terrain. They are the only units deemed capable of handling both the harsh physical environment and the vicious desperados that populate it.

Something went terribly wrong on that night in Peck Canyon. Agent Brian Terry’s BORTAC Unit reportedly confronted at least five bandits in the darkened ravine. Agent Terry was shot in the back (some reports say pelvis). He shouted he couldn’t feel his legs, and later fell unconscious prior to being pronounced dead. One of the bandits was wounded and captured, along with three other members of the gang. A fifth suspect was apprehended later by Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs. It’s believed several other suspects, including the suspected murderer, escaped back into Mexico.

The murder of Agent Terry was a tragic blow to his family and friends, his fellow Border Patrol agents, and the entire border community. However, to the sorrow and anguish that is natural to a violent death of this sort has been added a sense of frustration, outrage, and suspicion, as a number of troubling discrepancies and changes in the official story of the shooting event have developed. The official veil of secrecy, denial, and stonewalling that has descended over the case has caused members of Brian Terry’s family, members of Congress, and federal whistle-blowers to cry “coverup.”

First, we had the cover ups and the denials. Then the accusations that it was guns, too easy to get in the US and then shipped to the cartels that were responsible for this horrible incident. Easy access to guns allowed the cartels in the Mexican wars to escalate their conflicts to the point they were now shooting American border patrol agents that got in the way of their operations. Of course, the whole thing was a reason that the anti 2nd Amendment crowd, and especially the ones in government, immediately began making calls to basically do away with our basic 2nd Amendment rights, to protect the innocent and prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again, of course.

Remember that this happens right around the time that big cases like District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago are not just going the way of the anti-gun leftists in power, but coming up at a crucial time they are in power, during a big crisis, when some of their elites tell us they wish they could juts act like the Chinese government does and do whatever they want, and, frightening to the anti-gun left, threatening to end their big battle in what they supposed was friendly courts to circumvent or deny us all our second Amendment rights. Say what you will, but I believe the left doesn’t want the citizenry armed for the same reason every totalitarian state from Nazi Germany to Fidel’s Cuba disarmed their citizen, and that’s to destroy the citizenry’s ability to fight back.

Anyway, the stories flood the airways after this border patrol agent’s death that it is easy access to guns in America, and like I already mentioned, in what looks almost like an orchestrated campaign, the verdict is that it is our own 2nd Amendment and easy access to guns is what are allowing the Mexican cartels to arm themselves and be so dangerous. Search for the stories, there are hundreds of news and blog posts making precisely this accusation and many others responding to them and pointing out that is highly unlikely to be the case with our current levels of control. These stories are so numerous I couldn’t pick out which one to include to do this accusation justice. You can do the leg work yourself. But let’s carry on. What’s the answer to the problem then according to our leaders and elite? Of course, that the ONLY way to stop the weapons from going to Mexico, is to deny American citizens their second Amendment.

Unfortunately for the people and the narrative, not everyone buys this bullshit, and especially the proposed and convenient solutions being offered, and thus, they start digging deeper: looking for clues and answers. They hit gold, and while the right was on this more than 6 months before, even the MSM finally admits that what we have is a gunrunning scandal uncovered at the ATF. It seems the ATF, which when caught decided to pretend they were running a “gun running sting operation”, to track where the guns went and how, was the primary source and the bulk supplier of those US guns the left kept telling us about were being used by the Mexican cartels. We are told we are going to get investigations! We find out top officials knew about what the ATF was doing with the guns, despite a lot off effort to hide that. These officials realizing how that this is going to blow up in their faces then resolve to fight back, and what we get is the agencies involved stalling the investigations: its now about the ATF and DOJ doing damage control.

It looks like the whole thing went south, and while some might just blame this on the ineptitude of these people, one thing stand out to those of us that expect this from the people that tell us that they will never let a crisis go by without taking advantage of it.

Beyond f-ing scary!