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The Music Of Hypocrisy

I’ve always wondered, which malady is worse, progressivism or Alzheimer’s? Both are no walk in the park. With Alzheimer’s your brain cells die and you forget stuff, with progressivism (no assumptions are made about even having brain cells) your veracity is impaired, you think the rules don’t apply to you, and you are easily manipulated. Both hamper critical thinking skills, but at least with Alzheimer’s they are working on a cure for that.

The latest moonbattery comes out of Atlanta, music that you can’t even dance to:

Here is a typical example of unmasked progressivity running amok. In Atlanta Georgia the symphony orchestra has decided not to allow the previous high schools choruses to perform with them because they are not “racially diverse enough” to warrant participation. Apparently that means they are demographically “too white”.
However, in the strangest, well, not really strange – more like typical, fashion the Symphony itself refuses to self-describe their own diversity. So, after reading this article, well, actually after reading the comment from the “Director of Communications“, I just had to go look at the ethnic makeup of the Symphony itself.
Subsequently a review of the entire orchestra make up, including conductors, shows they have one, yes one, black person (Brass Section – Stephen Wilson). Yup, as expected, the hypocritical slips of the pontificating musical progs are showing.

Doing the right thing…………for the wrong reason. Allowing other schools to participate in the program, nothing wrong with that, these 2 schools should not have a lock on performing the concerts, unless there is some competition run ahead of time and they won the competition fair and square. But it sounds like the collaboration concerts are “by request” so giving other schools a bite at the apple seems appropriate. So just pick a school and allow them to participate but don’t go all PC and insult everyone with some lame yardstick of diversity.

A 2008 study by the League of American Orchestras found that 87% of musicians in U.S. symphonies are white.

Physician, heal thyself

Atlanta is 54% black and 38% white, one brother in a brass section is all they could find?

As with most {all?}city run symphony’s, public funding is needed for their virtual existence, and Atlanta is struggling with debt, a symphony that was more aligned with the city’s demographics might fill more seats. Yes, I know that the most qualified/best musicians available should get the job, but I find it hard to believe that both masters (quality and diversity) can not be served in this instance.

But thanks for giving us yet one more example of waggy fingered progs not eating their own cooking.