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Syria is in the midst of a brutal murderous crackdown on protesters. Several thousand are dead. So now would seem an appropriate time to … what the?

The Obama administration seems to have to have put itself in the firing line over its handling of the crisis in Syria by not stopping the Mideast country from being elected to a UNESCO committee that deals with human rights.

Critics say that granting Syria a seat on the committee, a consensus decision that happened without much fanfare at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris earlier this month, has enabled the Assad regime to claim it’s doing nothing wrong and has the moral authority to pass judgment on others.

The U.S. sits on the 58-member UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) executive board, which through consensus allowed the Arab regional group’s candidate, Syria, to be re-elected to the Committee on Conventions and Recommendations.

I think the reason the US didn’t object is because we simply don’t care. UNESCO is the more irrelevant part of the UN. The full Human Rights Council has condemned Syria’s action, albeit with some abstention or opposition by various thugocracies. I’m sure a strongly-worded letter is being drafted.

Tripoli Falls; Gadhafi Too?

Updates Below

There is growing evidence that the rebellion in Libya is succeeding. Tripoli is partly in rebel hands and one of Gadhafi’s sons is captured. Updates as events warrant.

Glenn Greenwald this morning made a big deal about our government’s attempts to be measured in its response to the “Arab spring”, taking the usual route of denouncing us for supporting a variety of dictators in the region (and slamming Israel for hitting Egypt … leaving out that Israel was responding to terror attacks from Gaza). But our government has it exactly right. No one knows which way this is going to go and anyone who says they know is lying. Yes, it would be nice if these Arab revolts ended with wonderful democracies. But the mullah-ocracy in Iran was the result of a popular revolution against a US-backed dictator. It’s fashionable for Lefties to blame the US for this — as if radical Islam was the only way for Iran to go. I think it more illustrates why the occasional use of the “devil you know” strategy is defensible.

We’ll see what happens, not just in Libya but everywhere. Maybe it will all go the way we all hope it goes; I fear that it won’t. In times like these, it is really easy for an ideology that claims to have all the answers to take hold.

Update: Another Ghadafi son is caught. Rumors about the dictator himself are flying. For once, I agree with Charles Johnson: Ghadafi had a chance to live in luxury by going into exile. Instead, he killed a bunch of people and will likely now be killed himself.