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Marine Down

It’s crazy week for me, but I thought I’d throw this out there. A two-time veteran of Iraq gets home from working the graveyard shift at a mine. His wife tells him people are outside and a man is at the window. He gets his AR-15. The SWAT teams pumped 60 bullets into him. For paramedics to wait an hour until they can tend him.

Claims that he shot at them first have now been disproven (his safety was still on). Needles to say there were no drugs in the house or anything like that. Right now, the sheriff’s office isn’t talking about what they were doing.

This has to stop. The tendency to bring SWAT teams on each and every raid has got to stop. I know the Indiana Supreme Court says that he doesn’t have the right to defend his property. But this wasn’t even that kind of incident. It’s not even clear that he knew these were cops.

If you call out the SWAT team every time you want to search a property, you’re going to end up within innocent people on the ground. This has to stop.

His name was Jose Guerena.