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Send Him Home

OK, time for post on the royals, no, I’m not going to blog on Kate’s nips (alright, if you must). But I am worried about Prince Harry. I have mentioned before how much I like this guy. He does everything at 110 mph, why not, it’s not like he can get rid of his older brother and be top dog. So by way of birth line, he has decided to grab life by the balls, pretty much everything he does (drinking, womanizing and soldiering) would make any Brit proud. That Dos Equis clown has nothing on Harry.

But his lineage has made him a target:

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson is in Afghanistan on a four-month tour, based in Camp Bastion in the volatile Helmand province, where he will be on the front line in the NATO-led war against Taliban insurgents.

“We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping,” Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, told Reuters by phone from an undisclosed location.

Idle threats? Michael Yon does not think so:

Anyone who does not know that the Taliban and the Pakistanis have the will, the intelligence, and the resources to pull off such an attack, or worse, is detached from realities. Both natural and unnatural alliances can align for the worse.

Aside from the fact that six jets were just destroyed while parked on a remote base, and two more badly damaged, this wraps back to our most famous Apache pilot, Prince Harry. When you land at Bastion, it is easy to see where the Harriers, the Apaches, and other aircraft are parked. An Afghan pilot would know the area well. With the intelligence network that the Taliban has developed, there is little doubt that they will, or already have, figured out where Harry lives and works. The Taliban has no shortage of fighters who are ready to swap lives on a one-for-one exchange rate. They are good at infiltrating sleepers. Nobody should doubt that moles are on Bastion.

The chance that Harry could be killed is significant. On a previous deployment, the threat was deemed so serious that the UK took pains to keep his presence in the country secret. This deployment is even more dangerous. This time, UK authorities have publicized his presence. Harry is an easy guy to identify. For an enemy that just killed two Marines and wiped out about $200 million dollars’ worth of assets, all within a short distance of the spot where Harry’s Apache is parked, it would be foolish to think that ISAF can protect such an easily recognizable target of such high value. For the Taliban, killing Harry would be a bigger coup than us killing bin Laden after hunting him for ten years. There is no doubt that they will do everything possible to make this happen.

My sentiments concerning the Afghan war is no mystery, every dollar spent there is a dollar wasted and every life we continue to lose is it’s own separate tragedy, but there is no earthly reason to expose Harry, given what we know about security and AQ infiltration among their own ranks. Any soldier wearing any uniform could be either an AQ plant or an AQ sympathizer.

The Afghan military is loaded with turncoats, moles, infiltrators, and drug-addled lunatics. They prove this practically weekly. Last year, a long-time Afghan Air Force Colonel, a helicopter pilot, went berserk and killed nine Americans.

As long as he stays in Afghanistan, he can not be protected. A released video of Harry getting decapitated would be unimaginable for England and her allies, or demands for all British troops out of the country, then they would kill him.

You got stones, Harry, no one is disputing that, but there are bigger considerations here, and really, is there any bigger waste then a free man dying in that desolate piece of desert?