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These’s Just No Pleasing Some People

I admit, the Obama apology tour has been a while, but the Cairo speech aftermath, that “New beginning” speech where he offered to close that chasm created by that other guy, has worn off rather dramatically. It seems now that some in the Muslim community hate him even more than Bush. How is that possible? The citizen of the world president was elected to heal, to make amends for decades of American imperialism and misdeeds, to prostate himself before Islam with an open heart. All that good will (and bowing) down the drain:



Far be it for me to label Obama a Muslim, he said he is not, and really, this is America and one’s faith is immaterial  to one’s electability and their powers to lead. By some of those “religion of peace” folks  don’t continence  anyone leaving the faith. Sadly, Sharia is very clear about what should be done with apostates, even those that aren’t really apostates but you think they are anyway.

Technically, we should just chalk this up to incoherent ramblings from a lunatic,  and aren’t all these jihadist/ death to apostates/ Osama was just one swell dude/ my, but my beard itches/ I’m now in the mood to beat my wife (wives) really all crazy anyway?

If this imam dude was a 13 year old kid living in Tacoma, he would of already been yanked out dynamite vest making class, man would his mom be pissed.

Settle down boys, in 2012 you will have another president to hate, but let’s cut Obama some slack, he does mean well, and he is one your side with that pesky Israel problem.