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What is missing from this revelation?

Yesterday I had a post about how a communication by the NAVY Sec Mabus clearly showed that the military was about to lower standards for access into some of the most demanding and dangerous combat specialties due to the demands from the PC political class. Today we have a revelation form retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis about how horrible the current US foreign policy landscape looks.

Because the United States lacks a global strategy, “volatility is going to get to the point that chaos threatens,” a former Central Command (CENTCOM) commander told a Heritage Foundation audience Wednesday.

Speaking in Washington, D.C., retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis said, “the perception is we’re pulling back” on America’s commitment to its allies and partners, leaving them adrift in a changing world. “We have strategic atrophy.”

Again the missing item here is what? I am not even gonna bother with a long lead up and just point out that the elephant in the room is that the idiots that were going to stop the rise of the oceans, heal the rift that warmonger devil Boosh caused with his cowboyism between us and every civilized nation on the planet, and show the world that the dog that rolls over and exposes it’s neck and belly to the aggressors would garner their sympathy and get them to stand down.

Yes, this for me is an opportunity to again point out that I told you so. In my wildest nightmares I couldn’t think anyone would do more harm than Carter did, but Team Obama has usurped that title with panache and certainty. People forgot how dismal democrats are at anything that has to do with the real world, and it reflects, not just in the current economic and political climate at home, but in our foreign policy and the disasters of the last 6 years, as well. I wonder if that Nobel Peace Committee has thought about asking Obama to return the prize they gave him to spite Boosh? I am certain that all the other idiots around the globe that rooted for an Obama win – with the exception of the ones in countries such as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela amongst a long list of rogue nations that were salivating at the chops for another weak ass in chief – and the subsequent “maturity” in the new US foreign policy are kicking themselves these days.

Our enemies get treated like a hooker afraid of pissing off her pimp, while our friends get treated like the hooker by her pimp. It’s a shame and a travesty. The world is now a more dangerous place because the supposed adults have been in charge and have done a “reset”. The consequences of having these in charge will be felt for a long time, and we have not yet seen the worst of it.

Yeah, sure they have learned their lesson

Most collectivists will twist themselves in a pretzel to avoid admitting the evils of communism knowing full well how despicable the murderous communist movements of the 20th century were. They have no such problem with fascism, which despite their attempts to relable as a right wing movement, is clearly another unholy version of the collectivist big state system. But when the topic is communism, these idiots simply cannot admit the thing was not just a miserable failure, but downright evil. Oh, they will tell you that they know it was bad, but there will always be a “but” to justify doing more of the same. Some will say that the problem was that it wasn’t real communism or some such nonsense. Others will say that it wasn’t done by the right people. But every once in a while, you will have some that let their guard down and tell you that they just really love that totalitarian evil shit, like that idiot Jesse Myerson did over at Salon.com with that communist cock fluffing job titled Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism). Let me stress that about the only thing people can get wrong about communism is how dehumanizing, evil, and downright despicable it is, and this author takes the prize for that.

In typical idiotic liberal fashion, this moronic piece basically tries, and fails miserably, to justify the murder of over 100 million people and the imprisonment of billions, and all in less than a century, by making the absolutely ludicrous and stupendously ridiculous claim that communism’s reign of intimidation, abuse and murder, a philosophy based on robbing humans of dignity while pretending to do the inverse, should be overlooked because the other side does it too! Even worse to me is the fact that the moron that wrote this piece is trying to argue that the violence and abuses of communism are OK, because the crony capitalism system that the left thrives off and is hell bent on growing, in the very name of the social justice they pretend can only flourish under such evil and tyrannical systems as communism, is bad. It shows a fundamentally flawed conception of the reality of how things work. The answer to the honest criticism of a collectivist system that murdered 100 million people and imprisoned billions is to contrast it with another collectivist system, run by other assholes, that under the pretense of trying to address the ills of society and usher in “social justice”, have created a dysfunctional society where government, through coercion or outright force, picks the winners and loser, and then pretend there is an equivalence that should give communism a pass. That makes so much sense!

The most ludicrous part of the article however is the “the right people were not in charge” argument that the author makes when he tries to pretend that an American communist system wouldn’t be like that in the Soviet Union or China. Maybe he has missed the massive abuses by the current administration, which for all intents and purposes can be labeled the most dogmatically communist friendly one in the history of this nation. Does he really believe that people like this, when given absolute power, wouldn’t do the same, if not worse? What? He figures that scumbags like Obama and Holder, when given absolute power like the leadership of a communist system would inherently get, suddenly would stop abusing said power (which they have been doing nonstop for the last 5 years). And I still believe in Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse too.

But the telling point is that made in the 7th misconception, where he, yet again, tries to pretend that the crony capitalist system set up by his communism loving fellow travelers is inherently unfair, because it doesn’t really foster individualism. This whole piece of garbage of an article smacks of another rewrite. The left was able to pretend communism was less evil during the time they had everyone convinced fascism, another collectivist disease, was a right wing creation. Now that we finally cleared up that misconception and pointed out fascism was just the other side of the collectivist coin, they lost that shield to hide behind, and they then, in desperation, have started grasping at straws. It looks like the new tactic is to help give communism some semblance of legitimacy, by making a comparison between communism and the despicable crony capitalist system that the communism loving shitbags that think government should be in the business of picking winners & losers, have straddled us with.

This desperate attempt to provide cover for communism smacks of the tactics currently used by these very same people that are trying to force us in the US to accept the government run system they want by destroying the existing healthcare system and claiming that justifies their intent. Supporters of communism have corrupted our society and economic system by giving government the power to pick the winners and losers, then point out the deficiencies of that system they created to justify the most murderous and evil curse ever foisted on humanity: communism. Apologists for communism are fucking vile, and we should treat them as such. The left still is enamored of this plague that struck humanity over the last century, and if we do not remain vigilant and roll back their work, we will soon find ourselves living under it or variants of it before we know it. Collectivism beyond the family circle can only produce tyrannical and abused systems. That’s the fact we must keep in mind.