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Radiation vs. radiation..

It’s been a while since the tragedy that struck Japan recently has been front & center, and when it is, it’s always the usual anti-nuclear suspects in the MSM going at it, telling us how horrible this event was and how nuclear energy was too dangerous, so I figured I had to post an interesting find I made to give us some perspective. A post titled “Radiation in Japan” deals with the measured radiation emission experienced by a Silicon Valley techie on a business trip to Japan that took a Geiger counter with him. Only he seems not to have just used it when he was at his destination 50 miles from the melted Fukushima reactor plants, but did the whole trip, then graphed it. Check it out at the link.

Obviously being up 10 kilometers or 6 ¼ miles in the air exposes you to far more radiation – from the sun – than you are going to get at Fukushima. Now, the fact remains that the radiation at Fukushima is a constant, while plane trips usually are not – ask me to tell the joke about the reaction from the old guy when the flight captain came on the announcement system to report that the third engine on his 747 had conked out but that they would still make their destination safely only with a6 hour delay if you need the punch line and a clue to this comment – and that should factor in the big picture, but we should keep in mind that the current radiation levels are certain to be reduced drastically when the Japanese finally finish taking action to encase the damaged reactors, as was seen at Chernobyl.

The point about this post? Most people are woefully ignorant about radiation and nuclear energy, and as someone with an engineering background, this has always ticked me off. Flame on!