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Weiner Out Again

You know, it’s getting to the point where you just can’t text a random woman a picture of your privates anymore in this town.

I honestly don’t care what Weiner is doing with his junk or who he’s showing it to. I just wish he’d get off the public stage.

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Preview of 2012 vote

The donkeys better get panicked. Short of one of the typical tricks where they “discover” a trunk full of votes somewhere to let their guy suddenly pull ahead, it looks like the seat formerly heald by Anthony Weiner, he of the wiener picture, will go to the upstart Turner. This is happening in what is usually considered a true blue district, NY-9 that has been a given for the donkeys. Sucks to be them. … Read more

Remember when…

I posted here that I was reserving my judgment until he was actually gone-gone and got told that was a done deal? Well, hate to break it to ya, but Rep. Weiner has still not rewsigned and is doing business as usual.

Congress waited for Anthony Weiner to say he’s leaving — and now it’s waiting for him to clean out his desk. Although the randy rep. announced Thursday that he was quitting

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Weiner Down

Weiner has apparently told people he intends to resign. He’s caught in a pincer here as his district is about to disappear. I have to wonder, if he were in a different district, if he’d have been so quickly thrown under the bus.… Read more

Weiner Under Fire

Under pressure from within his own party, Anthony Weiner is going to seek treatment. For what, I have no idea. “Seeking treatment” seems to be part of the atonement process these days, no matter what it is that you’ve done. I’ve worked in places that treated people for drug addiction and other self-destructive behavior but I’m not sure how you treat creepiness and stupidity. Is he claiming that sending pictures to hot women is … Read more

The Rightness of Being Wrong

Last week, Politifact tackled the assertion of Mitt Romney (among others) that Barack Obama went on an “apology tour” criticizing America. I’ve already addressed the bullshit that Obama said he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. But the apology tour is nonsense as well.

Here, we’re checking Romney’s statement that Obama “has apologized for what he deems to be American arrogance, dismissiveness, and derision” and a host of other reasons. If you think American presidents should

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WeinerGate update

If you were one of the people giving Rep. Weiner the benefit of doubt when the whole WeinerGate fiasco came a calling, you are seriously going to have to rethink that now that more wiener pictures are coming to light.

Weinergate is getting bigger and bigger. Another woman has come forward to RadarOnline.com and Star magazine and provided a sexting exchange with embattled New York Representative Anthony Weiner. The woman says she has 200

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