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A Piece of Advice

Dear Democratic Party. Don’t attack Ann Romney. Not only is it totally not cool, you’re messing with someone who raised five kids, kicked breast cancer’s ass and is currently beating multiple sclerosis. She will bury you and you will look like the assholes. You’ve built a big polling lead with your “War on Women” rhetoric. You don’t really want to piss it away by attacking a Romney the American people might actually like, do you? Women will put up with a lot of your bullshit, but they won’t put up with this.

No matter how much the conservative movement might drift from me, I don’t think the liberal movement will ever drift toward me. I’m just not dumb enough.

Update: Rosen first doubled down then issued a non-apology apology. She says this is all a distraction.

She’s right. It’s a distraction … from the failure of the Democrats. However much they might support abortion rights, they oppose the freedom of women to do just about anything else. And if she wants to get into Romney’s gender record at Bain, let’s get into Obama’s gender record in the White House right now.

Neither of our parties is interested in the fate of women once they’re outside the voting booth. Let’s quit pretending that they are.