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Damage caused by the ACA is all made up!

The last few months have resulted in us all being bombarded with revelations like this one, proving that the Obamacare is an epic disaster. I can’t say i am surprised to find out that the employer mandate will impact even the public sector negatively. I now am convinced that this bill was written to destroy the healthcare system and the economy, so the collectivists could swoop in and take a permanent hold on power in the chaos to follow. We were lied to by thee fucking left, and their plan to fix things, as always happens, has made things worse, and promises to make it even worse than it is now:

Last week the New York Times reported on an example of unhelpful behavior from Washington: “Cities, counties, public schools and community colleges around the country have limited or reduced the work hours of part-time employees to avoid having to provide them with health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.”

That’s right, ObamaCare’s employer mandate applies to the public as well as the private sector, and although it’s been delayed until next year, “many public employers have already adopted policies, laws or regulations” to avoid its costliest effects, the Times reports.

La-de-da! Some of us have been saying this would happen since before this giant shit sandwich was passed. But do you want to see some serious balls? Check out what Harry Reid has said about the revelations of the damage caused by Obamacare:

Instead of feeling your pain, Harry Reid stood on the Senate floor to tell millions of Americans impacted by skyrocketing premiums, incompetent administration, and policy cancellations from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act that they don’t really feel pain at all.

Democrats find themselves hammered by an avalanche of data and personal anecdotes that demonstrate the damage done by Obamacare. Instead of addressing those – which granted, would take most of the time between now and the midterm elections – the Senate Majority Leader angrily dismissed all such information as “untrue.”

“Despite all that good news,” Reid said on the Senate floor Wednesday, “There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.” Reid specifically referred to an ad from Americans for Prosperity featuring the case of Julie Boonstra, a leukemia patient whose new plan disrupted her ability to budget for medications.

Get it? These fucks want to now make the case that the problem is that those people being fucked over by their massive shit sandwich are all fucking liars! And you want to know who is behind this campaign of lies?

Reid blamed the brothers who own Koch Industries and who are major contributors to AFP. He dismissed Boonstra and apparently every other horror story as just “stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.”

Of course, it is the left’s favorite right-wing conspiracy clan: the Kochtopus! That’s behind this. That’s because, yeah, the ACA was awesome. So the fact that we are being told that it has fucked the country over HAS to be made up political shit. None of these terrible economy slaying things we have been bombarded by are really going on, and Harry Reid wants to make sure that you know that you losing your doctor, your premiums going up, that plan you liked and were promised you could keep going poof, hospitals closing, employers, both public and private converting to a part-time work system, and the other slew of problems caused just by the individual mandate of the ACA, are all made up propaganda by the Kochtopus!.

Do you honestly see republicans saying stupid and ridiculous shit like this, after some horrible piece of legislator they ram down our throat by a single party vote, destroys people’s lives and the country’s healthcare system and economy, ever getting a pass from the media like the democrats are getting? And yet, Harry Reid telling Americans hurting from the shit he foisted on them that they are lying scum, gets a pass. Tragic.

Impervious With Age

Nothing surprises me anymore, and I guess I should be pitied for that. News about graft, corruption, lawbreaking without consequences, it’s all part of our current culture. When I read about how much Obama is sticking us for, a shrug of the shoulders, when news of a prominent cabinet official breaking the law, I figure nothing will happen to her, and when we see over and over how Justice (I’m drowning in the irony) perverts their authority, I look at who is at the top, say to myself ,”Yep, that whole fish/head/rotten thingee”, then grab for the remote.

I know it should not bother me when the MSM gets caught in a lie, lies are about the only thing they do well anymore, but this isn’t really all that bothersome, more anecdotal, more hilarious in the revelation of the botched collusion, and all for sticking with the message. H/T to iowntheworld:

Of course this is one of their less subversive lies, more doctoring of the tape, but it does illustrate how much of a douchebag that Joe Scarborough has turned out to be. I used to like that guy, and figured that he, like Pat Buchanan and SE Cupp, went over the wall as more of a spy mission, more to convert the heathen, boy was I wrong.

I read somewhere a few weeks ago, I know it was a Vanity Fair piece (yes, Mika with a lobotomy would be worth the price of dinner), where that POS mentioned a possible run again in the near future for political office. He is as dead to me as Todd Akin, deader. He knew damn well what duplicity was going on, yet he purveys in the filth with alacrity, and he is supposed to be a Republican.