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Sounds Like Summer School For Him

I just don’t get it. All of my HS female teachers looked like John Goodman or Brian Denehey, the closest anyone came to stirring any libidinal juices was the principal’s secretary (no wonder he never left his office) yet hardly worth acting up over. But today, kids seem to score with their hot teachers all the time, I feel cheated;

Hey kids! You want great grades, right? Well, a high school student in rural Oklahoma has figured out a surefire way to make it happen: Just have sex with your English teacher.

First-year English teacher Kalyn Thompson has been charged with second-degree rape for allegedly having a series of sexual escapades with one of her male students, reports Tulsa CBS affiliate KOTV.

Police say the Kellyville High School teacher gave the unidentified teacher a stellar, 98-percent, straight ‘A’ grade after their relationship took off. He had been flunking English just the semester before.

Not an isolated incident, and yes, the blatant sexism exhibited in sentencing these young vixens (always wanted to use that word in a post) mocks the judicial system.

A short aside, I have a cousin who I see several times a year, lives not far from me, was a HS math teacher and assistant football coach. A smart kid, the students loved him (he coached up a young starter in the NFL) but about 4 years ago he had an affair with one of his students. Her parents found out about (from gushing entries in her diary about how she was in love with him). He got caught, fired, divorced, went to jail for 18 months and is now a registered sex offender. His teaching career is over and he now drives a delivery truck for a local bakery. You think any of these women will suffer half of the punishment or humiliation that my cousin went through?

It is a common misconception out there (probably not so much nowadays) that women have a better handle on their animal instincts, have more self control than men. Maybe its the lax sentencing (hey, this job blew anyway, might as well score some teenage dick before leaving), or it might be the salacious factor (some hot female teacher doing the nasty with a student is much more newsworthy than some male Poindexter science teacher getting a hummer in the mop closet) but until these “ladies” do some serious time and go on some sex offender registries, we will continue to read these stories, and lament our PG rated student-teacher experiences.

You gotta hand it to the male student, banging a hot teacher sure does beat conjugating verbs, sounds like a natural made politician.