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Que The Credits

Happy endings don’t just occur in Hollywood or at the drive in with Jennifer the cheerleader, if only all wars were this easy;

My first reaction was ,”Holy smokes, we are still at war, will there ever come a day when our military is not dodging bullets or running over IED’s?”.

Much effort was made here in avoiding engagement with “the child” around. Granted, they got a better view of him than I did, but he sure appeared big for being a kid. I’m not sure at what age the kid becomes a willing accessory, complicit in the act and deserving of dispatchment right along with dad. And although the pilots get the benefit of the doubt here, I wonder if junior isn’t out later that day, following in the family business.

There has been much hand wringing over the purposed military cuts coming down the pike, reducing military personnel down to pre WW2 levels. Smarter and more connected folks than me have been bemoaning these cuts as a harbinger of disaster. I don’t know how much of this is accurate and what is just preserving turf. I have mentioned in other posts that when it comes to cuts and raining in spending, there are no sacred cows, all should get gored equally, including the military, so on it’s face I am not going to second guess an effort at reducing military reliance on manpower heavy troop build ups, and focus more on agile special forces and cyberwarriors. Cyber espionage/cyber warfare is going on right now;

The Pentagon for the first time used its annual report on China to directly assert that Beijing’s government and military have conducted computer-based attacks against the U.S., including efforts to steal information from federal agencies.

Possible assisted (we will never know, will we?) by one Edward Snowden.