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Happy Thanksgiving to all

Want to wish all of you put there a happy Thanksgiving. Take this time to be with the people you love, if you can, and reflect on all the good we have. Tomorrow we can get back to bitching about how the political aristocracy is destroying our country and the world.

Be safe if you have to travel. Enjoy your day, but do not take unnecessary risks. If you have the chance, enjoy a good meal. Do it in good company.

Why surprised?

If anyone should know that the American dream is dead, it is the people that killed it, so why the surprise that democrats predominantly bellieve that dream is dead.

I think the big question that should also be asked and then quantified, to put things in perspective, when you ask broad ones like if the American dream is dead, is what the user thinks said dream is. My guess is most democrats will tell you they think the American dream is mountains of free shit from government and the ability to avoid work. These days they can’t get the mountains of free shit from government anymore, so the dream is dead.

The politicians, but especially the democrats working in government as well as their friends, all robbing us blind however, think the dream is alive and well. MO MONEY, Baby!