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Monday Music Mix

Alright kids, ready for something a little different? How about a regular once a week music post, someplace where you can showcase what has got your toe to tapping lately?

When Lee was still running the show he started a somewhat regular thread called ,”What’s on your ipod?”, commenters could flash some of their music chops and share what moves them, it was a great way to get exposed to stuff you might not listen to on your own.

The directions we can take this thing are almost limitless, each week we can have a different theme, style, or genre, or even focus on different time periods, like what decade produced the best stuff? If this post theme is popular then we can continue with it each week, if not, C’est la vie, you guys decide its vitality or mortality.

Before we proceed, some pertinent questions abound. Is the era of the ipod dead? What method do you use to buy music? How do you listen to it? Does anyone still steal music off of the internet? Do you create your own cd’s, store all your music on your computer, or use cloud storage? Has anyone tried the cloud approach from either Apple or Amazon?

And even more relevant, is there anything new out there in the music world that is even worth listening to? The reason I ask is that, for my own self, I don’t listen to FM radio anymore. Maybe if I had XM/Sirius I would, but in the car it is usually a cd going. I am clueless regarding the new stuff that is out there and have no compunction whatsoever to get hip, I don’t watch American Idol, and am not into Beyonce, Gaga, or Taylor Swift. I recognize about 4 or 5 names on this list, but do not own any of this type of music, can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

I still buy music but it is through Amazon. I still own a Sansa music player but have not downloaded anything to it in like 2 years. Most of the time when a particular song comes into my head I will go over to youtube, and if I own the cd then I will put that in the car or computer cd player. Most of the music that I buy is either moderately old or really old, like everything I listened to in high school or college I bought in cd form.

Here is some stuff I recently (within the last year) purchased:

I like live albums, from stuff from my youth

One theme we can use in the future is best live rock albums, I got a lot of them.

The very best of Chicago was also a recent purchase, before they went all bubblegum pop, they could grind ‘em out.

The most ubiquitous group in my collection is The Rippingtons, they have been around for awhile (seen them in concert half a dozen times). One more with David Beniot sitting in on keyboards (probably the best jazz pianist ever, I sat next to him on a flight to Hawaii about 7 years ago, we chatted briefly, I’m a big fan).

Lastly, I’ll give you something by Renee Olstead , she was like 16 years old when she did this song, and anything with Chris Botti in the mix is a bonus. A little eclectic, no doubt, but what a voice.

So, what are you guys listening to lately?