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Think about it…

In the past few weeks there have been a slew of articles about high tech military gear being involved in accidents. There were <a href=’http://www.wsj.com/articles/two-u-s-military-demonstration-aircraft-crash-in-separate-incidents-1464908425″ target=”_new”>two separate incidents just recently, but there have been other, less publicized instances obviously, of equipment breaking down or reaching the end of their service life at a much faster pace, due to the unbelievable tempo at which things are being used – case in point our carrier deployment rate in the supposed time of peace – but money isn’t being provided to keep it all working or getting it replaced. We are even hearing of ammunition shortages!

Now, considering Obama supposedly wound down the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, one is left wondering why the US military is performing at such a high tempo, one that is also affecting the humans in the military very negatively, while we never hear about all the “kinetic action’ our troops are engaged in. Just normal training cycles would not account for the phenomenon we see right now, but if we are no longer fighting expensive wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, why the problems? Really what could be happening that we are oblivious to, huh?

Nah, enough with the games. the fact of the matter is that Obama has been using the US military far more than they were even during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but since he has the right letter next to his name, the LSM has decided to keep that reality under wraps. The world today is a far more volatile and dangerous place than it was during the Cold War, and even more dangerous – requiring the upped US military deployment tempo – precisely because Obama abandoned the progress made both in Iraq and Afghanistan, then had the military engage in conflict after conflict, of no interest to US national security, so others (and especially other democrats and their connected crony buddies) can profit.

Ain’t it awesome to be able to get a pass simply because the LSM thinks your failed ideology is the bomb? No pun intended…

If it was not for the foreign press..

You would never find out that the party of the little people, the bastards that promised transparency in government and have had the most secretive and questionable government, surpassing even Nixon in Nixonian behavior, the SOBs that told us they would abolish Gitmo, the GWoT, pull out of Iraq & Afghanistan, and stop all the hate & killing but then started more wars, drone hit everything and want to do so even to people in the US just on a presidential says-so, have kept Gitmo alive while also taking rendition to a new level Boosh could only have dreamed off, and more importantly, the bunch of crooks that promised to take back the country from the evil capitalists, only allow access to the evil capitalists.

Once, only nobles were granted an audience with the King. In America, we’ve prided ourselves on abandoning those privileges of class some 237 years ago, following that little uprising in the 13 colonies.

And we again congratulated ourselves at 12:01 pm Eastern Time on January 20, 2009, just moments after Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States and as he committed to making his administration the most transparent and open in history.

But more than four years later it is time to ask questions. The most transparent administration ever? The most transparently political, yes. The most open government? If you have the money to buy access, yes.

Since last weekend, Mr and Mrs Regular Citizen have been denied the access people used to be granted to tour the White House, purportedly because of the clampdown on federal spending since the “sequester” that imposed cuts across the board.

These tours, most recently guided by volunteers though monitored by paid Secret Service staff, have been an American tradition since John and Abigail Adams, the first White House residents, personally hosted receptions for the public.

And their cancellation is an austerity measure that saves a pittance, while more frivolous taxpayer funding for items like the White House dog walker continues.

Meanwhile, noble Americans can buy time with the president for a suggested donation of $500,000 to his new campaign group, Organising for Action.

Oh the irony. Of course the narrative and myths that the other party is the one of the super wealthy and that they hate the little people, will stay alive and well. Hey, they mean well! People used to razz Clinton because he sold Lincoln bedroom visits as if the Wh was some expensive Bed & breakfast joint. Team Obama has taken it to the next logical level. Don Coreleon’s time is after all valuable, and someone’s gotta pay.