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Grab Bag

From time to time I will throw up a grab bag post, where many different events are covered, things that you can weigh in on. Some days there is lots going on and since I don’t feel like writing 5 separate posts (lazy? probably, but since the site host-we call him Ebeneezer-pays peanuts and keeps us all in working conditions where your average Bangladeshie sweat shop worker would say ,”no thanks”) ya get what ya pay for.

1) Dow 13,000, a big deal, or not? It has taken us a while to get back here (4 years), does this translate into any confidence with our present economic situation or does it validate (raising my hand) the notion that even in tough times with one hand tide behind it’s back by intrusive over taxing government, our industries and the companies that poplulate those industries can still kick ass wrt to earnings and making money?

2) Ohio school shooting, is it creepier that the shooter picked his victims randomly? Given that he only had a .22 cal pistol and only 10 rounds of ammo, to kill 3 people seems really unfortunate and just bad luck. In the hand s of an unaccomplished shooter, being rushed and amped up on adrenaline, I would have expected most shots to have missed entirely. Should he be tried as an adult? And what is to be made of the orchestrated attempt by the media to paint this guy as a right winger? They mention his interest in NASCAR, his love of hunting, and his confederate flag tattoo, gee, how did they miss that time 3 years ago when he went to church?

3) Some prominent GOP congress critters have decided to pack it in and not run in November, leaving the door open for Dem challengers and dashing GOP hopes of grabbing both houses of congress. Olympia Snowe (senator from Maine) and David Drier (rep. from California) have had their fill, both citing rancorous political sniping within the ranks as their reasons for bailing. Drier’s seat will almost assuredly go to a Dem,. probably ditto with Snowe. Some might have the attitude that since Snowe was a reluctant and fair weather Republican, that it would be no great loss. But consider this, Although Scott Brown could also be placed in to that category, is it better to have a RINO, where you at least have his ear and can persuade him on some of the issues, or someone like Elisabeth Warren, where she will always go with the loony left, on everything?

4) Is anyone else just a bit creeped out at how we have handled the Israel/Iran problem, the lengths at which we have publicized every conversations we have had with Israel and how we are bending over backwards to talk Israel out of a military strike? You would think that conversations with our allies would be kept private, that any hesitance we might have in launching a strike would be held close to the vest as not to give Iran any heads up, and that whatever disagreements exist, we would not broadcast them for world dissemination. I also love the current attitude held by this administration that ,”We really don’t know the mullah’s intentions and whether in fact that even want to build a bomb, and how close they are”, talk about burying your head in the sand. Since 5% percent uranium is all that is needed for nuclear reactors, they are now manufacturing 20% uranium (weapons grade is 85%).

This is not to say that I am all for a military strike immediately (the element of surprise on that has long since passed) and sanctions have currently at least got their attention. But Israel is basically on their own, they know that, it has always been that way, and if they decide that it is necessary to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, you can bet that they have weighed all the options ahead of time.

Update: I’ll throw in one more, again, not worth a post by itself but interesting nonetheless: North Korea had agreed to a suspension of uranium enrichment and to a moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests, a big deal or are we being played yet again?

In exchange for this magnanimity the US promises to deliver 240,000 metric tons of food aid. Here’s my question, why does the US always get stuck with the check? Don’t pacific rim nations, Japan/S. Korea/Taiwan etc., have more of a dog in this fight then us? How about the world bank funding all this food aid, even the UN, if it’s better for the rest of the world when N. Korea tones it down, how about they share in these good faith gestures?