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The Best of Lee (admin stuff)

Wow. Now I remember why I hate ExpressionEngine.

My original idea for this feature was to find a non-search way of slipping Lee’s posts into something – an RSS feed, another blog, whatever – and then importing posts at random as long as they were of over a certain word length. Except Lee wrote 11,029 posts. That’s too many posts for any solution at all. It’s too much data. Lee could talk. :)

So…I devised a lo-fi way of doing this. If you go to http://bit.ly/bestoflee (that bit.ly URL is permanent under my account) you will see a stripped-down, fast loading page with three of Lee’s 11,029 posts, pulled at random. If you like one, you can click the mail link and it will shoot me email with the link to the original. Since I’m admin in the old EE system also, I see a special link on the post that takes me directly to the edit screen where I can grab the raw HTML and post it here in the new blog in a minute.

The only thing I suggest is limiting yourself to one suggestion a week, since there’s a lot of people. Which brings me to the next question.

How often do we want to do this? I was thinking Fridays and maybe sticky it through the weekend? Or would it be better to post it say, Wednesday morning? Sound off!

By the way, if you just want to walk down memory lane and revel in Lee’s frigging awesomeness, that page is good for that as well. Once I built it I spent a good 30 minutes reloading instead of writing this post.

More admin stuff

How sick of these posts are you?

  • The Disqus thing is DEAD. The more I read the more I realized it was a mistake. Yes, I have to build out some of the features, but ultimately it’s better to keep it all in house and not make it so hard to comment. Sorry. I just removed all the other part of this post that originally talked about it. Dead.
  • The random quotes could use some filling out, so if you have good, short, pithy stuff you’d like to see in the rotation, comment away. You know what we’re after. Geekery, stuff about freedom, etc.
  • Next major thing is the Best of Lee idea. More on that when I figure out a few things
  • I’m pretty sure there’s something else I was supposed to be doing or building or fixing. But I’m past remembering. If you have suggestions or ideas, lay ‘em on me. Or if you can read my memories, do that.
  • BIG thanks to Kimpost for the clean render of the Cali/Sickle logo. If you’re not seeing it, clear your cache. It’s sweet.

Avoiding the inevitable? (admin stuff)

I’ve been trying to not use Disqus for comments because why use outside comment hosting when you can beat your face against a wall trying to reinvent the wheel right? But I am quickly reaching the conclusion that Disqus is the way to go. Every function I want is there. Gravatars will still work. Editing. Threading. Liking. All the good stuff.


I am gonna back everything up and then install Disqus. It should just fall right over the top of existing comments. Here’s to hoping.


So I had a setting on that forced you to register at Disqus. Turned it off. But you do have to log in per comment with an email, so registering will save you a shit ton of time. And I promise I won’t change systems every two minutes and force you to register at eleventy places. It’s either the old native comments I have to build a Disqus like system for, or Disqus. That’s it. I won’t even *look* for anything else. I know you all must be getting annoyed with my tinkering by now.

Open for business

Imagine this was London, late December 1940, and Jerry has just given up for the night. That siren you hear? It’s the all clear. Register your accounts, people, and have at it. Sure, I’m still building things, but at some point I had to just say “Ok, time to stress test with people.”

Stuff to know:

  • I recommend everyone register at Gravatar.com with the exact same email you are using here. That way you can set up an avatar. The benefit there is you can use that at all Gravatar-enabled sites where you use that specific email address.
  • Forums are integrated with the main site, so registering for one enables the other.
  • Please fill out as much info as you are comfortable with in your profile, and check the forum profile editor as well (it has more things to fill out). The more ways we can find each other, the more community we have. Yeah, I know that’s vaguely “community-organizer”-ish but please don’t call for my impeachment. :)
  • If you see a button for voting – such as at the bottom of posts or in individual comments – vote! Use ‘em.
  • Blogads are dead to me. I didn’t realize Wonkette owner Ken Layne also owned Blogads. Don’t know how I missed that news in 2008. Whatever. Dead to me. So yes, there are some of those big G ads on the site that i think I’m not supposed to talk about. I will not be offended if you did what you had to do to not see those.
  • I’ve eliminated, split or combined some of the old categories. My goal is to see us use broad categories and tag our posts for specifics.
  • The old site, as well as Lee’s china blog and Moorewatch, are all available off the sidebar.

If you have any issues or suggestions, use this post as a suggestion box. I’ll be around all day and night working on this, that and the other.

Nothing to do now but get back into our regularly scheduled Thunderdoming.