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Go Chew On Some Bark

Sticking with a theme that keeps on giving, as if annoying pets telling you to get insured wasn’t bad enough, bring on the hairy arm pitted commune chicks ;

Showering in rain barrel collected water, living off the land, and living in a tee pee with a girl named Sunshine, Colorado ain’t got dick on Oregon. But all is not well in collectivism land;

The story behind the massive failure of the Oregon health exchange website continues to unravel as allegations of fraud and gross mismanagement mount.

Local news agencies have obtained emails and other reports suggesting state officials lied about the progress of the website, possibly even creating dummy sites to present to federal officials.

“It’s a scandal much worse than New Jersey,” said state GOP representative Dennis Richardson, who is running for governor against incumbent Democrat Gov. John Kitzhaber.

As Obama would say ,”What scandal, not even a smidgeon, go suck on that”.

If there is any justice in the world, when N. Korea launches their nukes our way, Oregon will be the first to be taken out. And in that vein, did you know that the status a forces agreement (or whatever they called it back then) signed between Macarthur and the emperor of Japan after WW2, the one that promises our intervention in case they are attacked, it only goes one way. Still not amended, so despite having naval vessels equipped with state of the art interceptors (which we gave them), if a nuke equipped ballistic missile flies over in our direction, they must let it pass.