Tag: Academia is a dog-eat-dog world and they are all wearing milkbone underwear

Maybe it is this sort of shit that makes these leftists so enamored with collectivism

Nobody sane doubts these days that college has become an iffy investment, at best, considering the cost vs. return of practically most degrees outside the STEM, medical, economics, and legal (where they are actually now experiencing pain) fields, but there is even more to turn off sane people from pursuing a pricey and dubious college degree these days. These places are about the most intolerant of any kind of real diversity of ideas or opinion, stressing the leftists beliefs in dogmatic fashion, with any dissenters made to pay a hefty price. This dogmatic marxist shit that is enforced on these colleges has given rise to organizations like FIRE, which makes it a point to fight the intolerance that is now the hallmark of the left and in prime display at practically any academic institution. So I have to admit that I find some kind of justice to learn that even the clergy is made to pay it’s pound of flesh by these dens of intolerance. And frankly, I am left wondering if these pansies that experience this sort of pain, too stupid to realize that the very marxism dominated bullshit they so dogmatically believe in and practice is at the root of the problem, and thus, in typical progressive fashion, double down on the stupid, demanding even more of this stupidity, when it causes them harm.

Think about it. What kind of sane people would decide that the cure for cyanide poisoning is to take even more cyanide? One would think their reaction would be to actually try and dismantle this intolerant and ludicrous system that demands conformity of thought, treats them worse than abusive aristocratic landowners treated their serfs in the olden days, and worse of all, punishes them for actually wanting to educate. No wonder these colleges now turn out so many sheep, unprepared for life or work, and deluded by their own self of worth. That it is happening at a time when the left has also managed to destroy our economy is priceless. Of course, the sad truth is that they won’t realize the problem is them, and they will double down on the stupid. Every problem they create always requires that they do more of the same. What’s the definition of insanity again? Yeah, I thought so. Me, I am just gonna have a good laugh at these morons being screwed over by the very system they idolize and worship. If the Germans only had a word for enjoying the pain of stupid people that refuse to listen, I would use it here…