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The ACA Is For The Dogs (Or Birds)

Gee, you would think the folks would not be such a tough sell, considering we were told the government would be providing a service that they actually want. If demand was so great for a product, why is it that they can’t even give it away?

Last week I considered writing a post about the next upgrade for Obamacare, we could call it Pajama Boy 2.0. You can see the commercial here (don’t bail out early, this is your tax money at work, it is your patriotic duty to watch this display). That Timmy sure is a cute kid, I wonder what he wants to be when he grows up? That ACA commercial costs 1.37 Million bucks, paid for the California exchanges (wait, I guess I helped pay for that).

Signature legislation requires a media blitz, damn the costs. Since the emperor could not make the sale, he brought in his closer;

I must say, I like this commercial much better, furry animals are always a good sell. But, I don’t know, they are still lacking in some way, haven’t quite hit their mark. Maybe the next one they can use the Victoria Secret girls, the girls could jump around giggling hysterically over their plan’s great bulimia coverage.

These guys are giving used car salesmen a bad name.