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This Science Is Far From Settled

No, this is not a global warming post, but it is equally nebulous. A video is making the rounds of late trying to graph an empirical link wrt to women and dating. Although entertaining, it is, well, baloney;

First off, how dare he besmirch redheads, obviously he has never had one.

Although he touched on it briefly, the problem with blueprints like this is that women are not static, and will move up and down both the crazy and hotness scale (without warning) as often as the seasons change. Whatever zone you found her in, forget it, this is the practical joke nature plays on all men, get comfy or complacent at your own peril.

The other thing he forgot is that crazy can be appealing when you are young ( she will try anything, even inviting her best friend to join in) but as you get older, your tolerance for crazy diminishes to the point where no one is worth the hassle (no one), if she brings in too much baggage. Both his fun and date zone should have an age limit attached, crazy at almost any level is just too high a price after 30.

The other thing he forgot was the distinction between passion and crazy, sometimes synonymous but never in equal measures. I think I have posted this before but here is one of my favorite links about dating crazy women, we all have stories like these.

There is great comfort in getting older, being retired, that whole work thing is a non issue, but the stability of married life, not having to shave every day or comb my hair, wearing any socks I want with no worries of fashion clashes, and not having to deal with any more crazy women. OK, maybe one crazy woman, but I’m used to her crazy so it’s not work.