Tag: A man of few words

They’re Starting To Catch On

The reset button wrt international affairs, no greater image was used by Obama that his deft diplomacy, his conciliatory reach across the oceans was exactly what was needed after Bush’s cowboy style. Remember, the world was going to love us again? He was going to usher in (right after he parted the seas and healed the planet) a new era of mutual cooperation and trust. The man of a thousand ideas, and the verbal alacrity to communicate those ideas would unite the world.

Except, we are finding out, along with the rest of the world, that Obama is either not very communicative at all, or just doesn’t try very hard.

Clearly this Dane does not know that if you want plaudits and accolades, flowery rhetoric and a sense of genuine affection, you have to be a racist professor from Harvard, for the rest of the world, an over used boxing metaphor and the same line about being allies is about as hard as he wants to work.

Yeah, he does sound punch drunk, must be tee time.