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Hey Mr DJ: Go To Hell Edition

The hits just keep on coming. First, the whole rotten business with the GOP collapse on the debt ceiling deal. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I opposed raising the debt ceiling and ending the shutdown. We are on an unsustainable path and I would have preferred stopping the ever-expanding debt now rather than later. The bigger this gets, the larger the crater when it finally crashes, right? Remember that. We have missed yet another warning. History is watching, and it thinks we’re retards.

I’d make a long sermon about it, but I’ve gotten to this late this week. Let me just sum everything up by saying that it all sucks and I hate everyone involved with the shutdown and the resulting debt ceiling increase. And the entire city of Washington, DC except for that crazy bitch who started filibustering about the Illuminati or whatever on the House floor. She’s fine.

The other rotten development is that Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Company has sold out to a Belgian firm. Right now, they’re something like the 16th best brewery in the US, according to one source I read somewhere. It was great having something local in a city that, if you’re not big on sports, has little to offer by way of civic pride unless you happen to find segregated communities crippled by failing schools, sprawl, white flight, and high violent crime to be cool in a kind of “Wow, that’s so 1970’s Detroit” kind of way. That and the art gallery. It’s pretty good.

So this DJ Thread shall be as joyless, divisive, and hopeless as everything else in Barack Obama’s America. Indulge my angst with:

1. Let it Burn: Let it all die. Anything fire or arson related is good, but the concept is to let an ugly old dying thing just die, not blowing it up.

2. Nihilism Ain’t Just a Religion in Egypt: Some good punk rock, metal, etc. Some good stuff about “no future” and dystopia, you know? I’m in a dark, but tired mood.

3. Rock Bottom: Well on our way already.

pfluffy: When I Burn This Place Down by Firewater

Iconoclast: Point of Know Return by Kansas

WVR: Mailman by Soundgarden

MY: Life is Shit by The Dead Milkmen

Santino: Fire and Thud by Arctic Monkeys

Biggie G: Any Nirvana song fits the mood of this thread, really.