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Sixteen Years

This day is, I think, a good day to call or write to friends you haven’t heard from in a while or family members who’ve grown a bit distant. It’s always a good time to remind people that they’re in your heart. But today of all days is a good time to remember who quickly and horribly someone can be snatched away from us.

Twelve Years On

(I drafted this post last night but a bad cold knocked me out before I could post it.)

There’s not much to say about 9/11 that hasn’t been said. My tradition, since a year after, has been to call and talk to people I care about, to get in touch with friends I haven’t heard from in a while and to spend time with my family. There are many lessons from 9/11. The most important is the basic goodness and courage of the American people, who charged into burning buildings and fought hijackers in mid-air. But another is that we can lose people suddenly and awfully — to sudden illness, to accidents, to senseless acts of violence.

A generation of children are growing up to whom the “post-9/11″ world is normal. We have always been at war somewhere, TSA has always groped us and the President has always listened in on our telephone calls. How long are we going to go down this path? Until everyone thinks this is the way the world is?

In the meantime, I recommend some reading:

Popehat‘s ten-year anniversary post is always worth your time.

A letter from a 9/11 widow to her husband.

An interesting story about the photo of the man falling from one of the towers.

Those last two are hard reads.

Remembering The Red Bandana

I will be travelling today and am almost out the door but I wanted to throw something up about 9/11. I woke up and put on ESPN to get some scores from last night. On ESPN they were talking about Wells Crowther. His parents talked about him, the people he saved talked about him, the annual Red Bandana run in NY was mentioned, a genuine hero who could have saved himself but chose to save others. Starting off your day all choked up and weepy, not what I had in mind.

I watched some of Obama’s speech at the Pentagon today, at least he found his heart this time for the National Anthem. We don’t say many good things about Obama here, at least I don’t, but there are times when he really looks and acts presidential. Not only could I feel the empathy in his voice, but believe he cares and feels the loss of those Americans as much as I do.

Say what you will about his domestic policies, he has been one tough son a bitch terror warrior. Smoking terrorists from above will endear him to anyone. Re: croaking OBL, it was the leaks and the special security clearances he gave his Hollywood buddies that irked me, not the end zone dances. If he wants to parade OBL’s head around at all fund raisers and debates, go for it, he gets the credit.

I was also struck by the opening prayer given at the Pentagon and at Skanksville. For our foreign readers, does it seem odd to you that we still hold God in reverence and consider ourselves a Christian nation? Other countries don’t do it, but we do, is it force of habit, a genuine fear of repercussions if we did away with it, or a conscious choice to pay tribute to that which we hold sacred?

It is always difficult to predict the future, to know what catastrophes are in store for us and yes, something as cataclysmic and memorable as 9/11 may again occur, but knowing what we know today, I can’t think of anything that defined us more as a nation then 9/11. I assume that foreigners either feel the same way or understand that which we hold as monumentally sacred.

You can see the 9/11 memorial here

The sounds of the rushing water was done for effect (to drown out the typical sounds of NY) as well as the water rushing into a void, that void being the souls lost.

We ran 9/11 post a few years back where those that wanted could reflect on where they were and what they were feeling on 9/11/01, you can still do that here if you want, along with any personal observations or reflections. For me, my entire day was filled with rage, not only at what those cowards did but that I could not either retaliate or lend a hand.

We Will Never Forget
Let’s Roll
And from a bull horn smack tab in the middle of the rubble ,”And the people that knocked these buildings down, they will hear all of us soon”

OBL, his band of pussies, and all terrorists around the world have no idea of our resolve, but George said it best:

The Pet Goat

Time has a must-read on the children who Bush was reading to when 9/11 happened. Money quote:

One thing the students would like to tell Bush’s critics — like liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, whose 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 911 disparaged Bush for lingering almost 10 minutes with the students after getting word that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center — is that they think the President did the right thing. “I think he was trying to keep everybody calm, starting with us,” says Guerrero. Dubrocq agrees: “I think he was trying to protect us.” Booker Principal Gwendolyn Tose-Rigell, who died in 2007, later insisted, “I don’t think anyone could have handled it better. What would it have served if [Bush] had jumped out of his chair and ran out of the room?”

As much as I loved to criticize Bush, I always thought that point was bullshit. And the endless frame-by-frame psychoanalysis of his facial expressions was beyond ridiculous.

About Last Night

A few more thoughts about last night:

Is it appropriate to celebrate the death of a human being? As Fallows said: “It is almost never right to celebrate a death. Almost.” I would not describe the celebrations going on in various cities as celebrating a death. I would describes as a profound relief and a deep satisfaction. Justice has finally been delivered.

Mostly it’s a feeling of vindication: a feeling that the death and maiming of so many of our best has been redeemed in some way:

There was a break in the kitsch. One man right next to the White House gate held up a picture of a young man in uniform and a folded flag — the kind of flag given to a family upon the death of a soldier. The man holding this was Thomas Cowen, a security contractor, and the man in the photo was Sumner, his late son. Sumner had fought in Iraq, gotten injured, and been sent home. While home, he took his life. When he heard the news about bin Laden, Thomas felt like there had been “vindication” for his son.

“My boy did what he needed to do,” he said. He went on to talk about how proud he was that bin Laden was killed by Americans, and as he talked, he was constantly interrupted by young revelers tapping him on the shoulder and thanking him.

Nothing can ever bring back those we have lost. But if, indeed, this is the breaking of Al-Qaeda, we can know that their sacrifices led to this. The leader of the vilest terrorist network in history has an American bullet in his brain. This has to weaken our enemy and make us safer.

There are many images and videos from last night. But this is the one that I find really striking: our leadership huddled around laptops watching a livefeed as they gambled they could bring down a monster.

They did. Well done.

UBL finaly sent to hell.

It now looks like a team of US NAVY Seals shot and killed UBL in an operation Sunday evening May 1st, 2011. Coincidentally, May 1st is also the day Hitler was declared dead, so maybe there is some freaky karmic justice thing going on here. The team apparently tried to catch him alive, but he wouldn’t have any of that, so he was shot in the head. Seems someone there – not sure if it was UBL or one of the other bastards there with him – used a woman that was there as a human shield, and she got killed as well. Kudos to our military, and our president for finally bagging this bastard. Now for the not so fun stuff.

It seems UBL was living high and mighty in Pakistan, not in caves as people kept telling us, and was shot and killed in a compound owned by his couriers in the city of Abbottabad, not more than 35 miles outside of the Pakistani capital. Pakistan is going to have some serious “splaining” to do, because as the article points out, this compound was right next to military and law enforcement facilities. A key bit of information is that the US did not inform the Pakistanis about this operation, and that’s likely why UBL wasn’t warned and able to get away this time. As many suspected, these bastards were protecting this monster, and we should find out whom amongst them did this and make them pay for that.

BTW, the information on those couriers and the compound? Guess who spilled that and when? Yeah, it was KSM, and the names came from those harsh interrogations that people equate to torture. Even if the MSM can’t come clean and admit them’s the facts. Are they going to say that torture worked in this case? I don’t really care what they say honestly, I knew these people were simply talking out of their ass, and didn’t know better, but this guy was broken and gave valuable information. That’s what counts.

Anyway, UBL’s fans are pissed. I am pissed too. It seems we bent over backwards to follow Islamic protocol for this bastard. He was buried in under 24 hours, at least they did that at sea and even though it was at sea and thus deprives the mass murderers of a shrine, I think we should have made an example of this asshole, wrapped him in pig skin, loaded him with alcohol, and then burned his stinking corpse under a banner wishing him straight passage to hell. We will be hated on for killing his ass anyway. Why not set an example for all the Jihadis that we will make sure they don’t get heaven or those virgins? They certainly don’t show our side that courtesy, and they seem to have big plans regardless of the outcome. No, this isn’t about us being better than them: it is war and we need to break their will to keep on fighting.

Now for the fun conspiracy crap. At least we plan to confirm we got him and not a double with DNA tests. I am sure the UBL worshiping world will now start claiming that UBL wasn’t killed but actually is a prisoner of the evil American imperialist military. Information like this might fuel that myth. Maybe under a different president. The current one wouldn’t go along with that short of someone telling him that he could then use UBL to win the next election, and I doubt anyone did that. They will also want to know whom in Pakistan betrayed UBL. No, Obama just wants this guy killed so he can say he is gone. I am sure the dream team in the WH with UBL dead, will now start talking about pulling out of Afghanistan while pretending the hornets nest in that area is now pacified. Hopefully the saner minds prevail and we stay there.

There are some people there that need to be wiped out if we want to break this enemy. And they are already saying they want to retaliate. The WH seems to take the threats seriously. Frankly speaking, if the Jihadis are stupid enough to do some of this shit, I think they are going to be in for a rude surprise. Obama strikes me as the kind of guy that when pushed over the limit will lash out disproportionately. All that professed love for the Jihadis and their death cult might go up in a nuclear flash or two if the Jihadis do use WMDs. Or he might do nothing. Who knows? Community organizers aren’t very predictable. More to come. as this all plays out. I am sure there will be some morons on the left that will make us all wonder if they are insane when they speak up about this all.

Breaking – Osama Bin Dead

ABC and others are reporting that Osama bin Laden has been killed.

Burn in hell, you fucker.

More to follow. The President is about to speak.

Update: I’m up way past my bedtime, but will dash off a few quick paras and then think more about this while I sleep.

This appears to have been a carefully planned and perfectly executed operation. Eight months in preparation to nab this guy. The boys in JSOC came through big on this one.

It does, again, illustrate, the problem of Pakistan. This guy was hiding in what I understand was the equivalent of a ski resort within a thousand feet of a police station. It was like he was hiding in Tahoe. Some Pakistani factions knew he was there; others helped us get him.

The long term effects are unknowable. I expect an short-term escalation from AQ. But long term, their hero is dead, having claimed his 72 science fiction convention attendees. In the end, that has to hurt them. And I’m glad it does.

Oh, yeah one last thing: America, FUCK YEAH!

Update: Some details on the raid. And the tweeter who accidentally witnessed the event.

Update: Joe Sheehan:

Here’s what I do know: in those last moments, Bin Laden proved himself a fraud. This supposed leader of men, of a movement, of jihad, this dispenser of lies about the glory of killing innocent people, killing yourself, this half-man who’d sent so many to their deaths from the safety of caves and protective details and a coterie of believers, who faced his enemies not on the floor of a government body or a field of battle, but in videotapes and e-mails…this man’s last acts on Earth were to save himself at any cost. Men had strapped themselves to explosives, immolated themselves, launched themselves into death at 500 mph for him, and in the end, they did these things for a coward. Bin Laden’s last act was to grab a woman and place her in the line of fire in an effort to steal a few more seconds of life.

Osama Bin Laden was a fraud. He didn’t believe his own hype, didn’t throw himself into his own fight secure in the knowledge that his god would reward him for his courage. He tried to cheat death by using a woman as a human shield, and when that failed, went down without so much as taking out one of the Americans he’d so frequently declared his mortal enemies. In the defining fight of his life, Bin Laden proved to be neither soldier nor general, but just another flawed man lacking the courage of his convictions. Don’t mourn him. Mourn the men, women and children who died for the myth that he was so much more.

Update: One more point. Given how we know this went down, Obama could very easily have done this with a smart bomb. Instead, he chose to go in, shoot Osama in the face and get his body as proof that it was done. It was the right choice; now no one can deny that the fucker is dead.