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The Ex Wife Gets Her Shot

I had no idea there was so many chubby chasers, and that Newt was such a stud with the ladies:

Newt Gingrich’s second ex-wife says the former House Speaker lacks the ‘moral character’ to be President.
In an interview with ABC’s Brian Ross that was recorded last week and which will air in its entireity on television Thursday evening, Marianne Gingrich claims her husband asked her for an “open marriage.”
“I said to him, ”We’ve been married a long time,’, and he said, ‘Yes, but you want me all to yourself. Calista (Gingrich’s current wife) doesn’t care what I do,’ said Marianne Gingrich in a clip released Thursday morning. “He was asking to have an open marriage, and I refused,” she said.

Is anybody else’s “icky” meter going off the charts?

I learned a long time ago that love knows what it wants and that there is no accounting for tastes. I figure when two lonely people find each other and a bond develops, good for them. But clearly, when someone gets thrown under the bus and gets dumped for another woman, praises about Newt will not be sung.

I admit that I have not kept up on all the salacious goings on with Newt and his love life (talk about a bizzaro world, who’d a thought Newt’s scandals with his women friends would be grist for the election mill?)

It also brings up that whole “The LSM is in bed and complicit with the dems in their bid to hold power” mime. Obviously this was selectively targeted to run during Newt’s high water mark, just like the Rather National Guard story, and the Bush’s drunk driving arrests, timely leaked for expediency purposes. But does this prove that the LSM fears Newt? Haven’t they been telling us all along that the dems would love to run against Newt because he is such damaged goods? Haven’t the polls shown that Newt does worse head to head then Romney?

It’s hard to keep the players straight without a scorecard, but I’m thinking (palm meets forehead) that any GOP scandal, even involving a low level staffer, would be welcome and run as a big time piece.

I know Newt has used his conjugal improprieties as his Come To Jesus moment, no one puts much stock in a spurned ex wife and the dirt she peddles, you could even argue that no one believes the LSM anyway, but this can’t be good for Newt. People don’t like marriage hucksters, and showing bad judgement in the past does not build confidence for showing good judgement in the future.