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America chooses four more years of “UNEXPECTED” bad news that’s someone else’s fault.

And there we have it. After a destructive 4 years of government manipulations that kneecapped our economy for the foreseeable future and a foreign policy platform that has left America not just vulnerable, but facing a more volatile world, the takers, now the majority in the US, opted not to stop the decline but to give us 4 more years of the same. And this painful outcome happened with what now looks like fewer Read more

Miller Time

Late night TV is too late for me. I catch some clips from Kimell from time to time on the internet, I like him, but the rest are pretty much mouth pieces (like the rest of Hollywood) for the latest DNC talking points. Check out Miller last night on Leno:

I catch Miller’s radio show from time to time, his regulars are some of the funniest cats going. But look how easy Leno resorts to … Read more

Raising Cain

I have to admit, I really was lusting for the fat man. I understand Chris Christie’s reasons for not running, it makes sense to have “Fixed one of the most broken states in the union” on your resume so in that regard, good luck with that. But now I feel like I’m running out of time and will have to settle with taking my sister to the prom, yuck.

What is a conservative to do? … Read more

What’s really going on here?

As of recent the fawners in the LSM have not been as kind to president Obama as they where when they bought him the presidency in 2008. We are getting hit pieces like this one, and mMany of the big fawners that declared Obama the second coming, are now decrying their choices and wondering if Obama is up to the job. Many of those that saw through Obama are finally sighing in relief at … Read more

Voting For The Guy You Like The Least?

I understand why Stewart is on TV, he is one funny dude. For those that did not catch his rant about the Trump/Palin pizza meeting, make sure your chair has a seatbelt installed. And, although he caters to the stoner/liberal/academician (clueless)/unemployed types, he rips people from both parties, so his success and longevity is pretty much set in stone. But Maher, I could never figure out the demand side of the supply/demand dynamic. Sure, he … Read more

What’s the strategy here?

I am talking about Medicare and what the democrats are basically doing about the fact that the most recent report by the trustees claiming Medicare was going to run out of funding 5 years earlier, contains the following bombshell of a revelation on page 265:

In past reports, and again this year, the Board of Trustees has emphasized the strong likelihood that actual Part B expenditures will exceed the projections under current law due to

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