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No suprises: after debate, circling the wagons.

I watched last night’s debate and can honestly say I was not surprised by anything that went down. In fact, I wish I had just switched over to the Detroit vs. NY game and watched that instead, because there was more of a chance for something unexpected – like the Yankees winning a game for a change –than in this debate. Tigers in four, baby!

As I expected, this farce, rigged from the get go, was two democrats against Romney. And it was done blatantly and without even a modicum of fear that it would be blatant and obvious. Team Blue is losing, and the fifth column is circling the wagons in desperation. This is their empty suit, and they will be damned if after 5 years of carrying this inept man’s water they will let him go down in flames and be remembered as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Anyway, that faux moderator cut Romney off whenever he was sticking it to Team Blue, and let Obama not just tell whatever lies he wanted, but actually chimed in to add her own. I know the left feels they can lie through their teeth and get the media to back it up for them, but these lies are simply too easy to debunk. Jabba’s comment that Obama had been blaming terrorism from the very start wasn’t just a blatant and easily disproved lie, it basically sums the last 4 years in a nutshell: the narrative is more important than facts or truth.

I also expected the people asking questions to be plants and the questions to be bullshit that would help the democrats look good, and that was exactly the case. That whole I am not sold on Obama but, and this is a huge but, “I Blame BOOOSH!” and all republicans are evil, question? Holy f-ing cow! Bush is not only NOT running for president anymore, but let me remind everyone that Obama wasn’t forced to be president 4 years ago, but with a hefty dose of bullshit and obfuscation of his lack of qualifications to run even a lemonade stand by the LSM, ran for that job. I am not even going to bother going into the details about what really precipitated the economic crisis and collapse anymore, because pointing out the facts of how policies and government practices intended to use housing as yet another vehicle for social engineering were, as usual, doomed to eventually fail, and fail miserably, to these leftards is like trying to teach calculus to a slug. Forget pointing out that their solutions were to enact more onerous legislation to force more of the same, with the crazy notion that this is what will finally make this misguided and stupid social engineering practice to result in an even bigger failure and calamity down the road. Pearls to the swine. I simply want to know when the hell we can finally say that the guy that ran for the job, more than 4 years ago to boot and with 2 years of unfettered and unchallenged control of the levers of government because of total Team Blue dominance, now can be held responsible for the pain his team’s policies are causing. I know: that will never happen.

Anyway, the questions were rigged to favor the left. All jokes. Even the two questions that should have put Obama in traction – the one about the high gas price and the Bengazi lies one – where blatant jokes. Obama did a massive dance to avoid spelling out the blatant truth his energy policy and record of the last 4 years. More of the same about Benghazi fiasco and the campaign of lies that followed that debacle. And when cornered by Romney, on both issues, the moderator abandoned any pretense of objectivity to help Obama avoid answering either question with anything approaching the truth or facts. Did anyone else get whiplash when Obama claimed that gas, now above $4 a gallon, is so high because the economy is doing so much better than when he took over 4 years ago, and gas was under $2. Seriously? Did anyone at that point just think this man was either a sociopathic compulsive liar on mentally deranged and completely disconnected from reality?

We have an economy that is proceeding like a steam locomotive towards a bridge that is out, artificially propped up through tricks by government that in the long run will cause us massive pain, and bullshit stories by the LSM they hope will fool enough people into buying their lies that things are getting better when they are not, and they dare make the ludicrous claim that gas is over $4 per gallon because the economy is hot? Yeah, tell that to the people that are unemployed, have dropped of the rolls because there simply are no jobs, the fact that we constantly get job numbers, that are practically every time revised to show things are much worse than the DNC’s LSM lackeys would like to pretend – unexpectedly – or are seeing their life’s savings and investments dwindle as our government continues to devalue our currency and deficit spend, to buy votes from people that vote for a living of all things, us into oblivion. The frightening thing is that DESPITE a world wide economic slump we are stuck with $4 a gallon gas because of this administration’s energy policies.

I am also pained that Romney didn’t bring up Solyndra and the many other such “investments in future energy” – that’s code for government wealth redistribution of tax payer money to leftist corporate fat cats that know to then funnel big chunks of that cash to democrat politicians – that Obama was bullshitting about, and how well any and all of that played out for the American tax payer. Then again, I am sure Candy would have cut him right off if he had dared to try.

I expected Obama to come out and do more of what Biden did: tell lies, big lies, and some serious whoppers, and that’s also what we got. Shit, I felt like the man, after 4 years of causing us pain, was acting like he was running for the presidency for the first time! Did anyone else get that feeling too? WTF? You are now, when you no longer have to bother running for the presidency if you get a second nod, finally going to do the things you should have done the last 4 years? Seriously? Those special words he muttered to Putin when he thought he could get away with saying what he really wants to do come to mind. To paraphrase: “Once I am reelected and don’t have to worry about running for a second term, I can do whatever the fuck I want to these idiots, and they can’t do squat about it”.

Yeah, he was aggressive, but Romney did an awesome job of keeping both Obama and Candy – he was debating both of them – in check, all things considered. I give politicians a lot of leeway considering how fine of a line they must walk to keep from pissing off some entitled group or another, but when we get to the point that a sitting president lies the way this guy does and gets help from the LSM to do it, I am afraid our republic is doomed.

Finally I am going to point out that after Obama’s last performance, anything would have been characterized by the LSM as a win. If he had performed a song & dance routine and completely avoided anything serious, I expected them to hand him a win. They have to. They are desperate and he is going down in flames. My guess is that most people other than the blatantly insane and desperate leftists, think Obama did better than his last no-show, but that this performance, and man was it a freaking act, was not a win for him. The LSM can pretend otherwise all they want.

I think that Romney did real well all things considered. This thing was rigged against him from the start. The left was desperate. Could he have scored bigger points? I think so. He was too lackadaisical about the Benghazi fiasco, but that might have simply been a calculated measure where he lets the real fact checkers, not the DNC shills in the LSM, point out Obama and his sidekick Candy both lied through their teeth. He did hammer the failed and costly energy policy of this administration well, but I think he missed an opportunity to point out that Team Blue’s pie-in-the-sky bullshit about alternative energy cost the tax payers billions, and primarily served to funnel money to rich leftists that then paid the democrat politicians back, in the form of campaign contributions, and paid their employees and tax payers with bankruptcy and layoffs. We need those kinds of investments like we need a 9mm slug in the skull. I also bet that many Americans heard about Fast & Furious, for the first time, from Romney last night. I expect the LSM to again spin this in order to make it go away as quick as possible. Nixon was thrown out of office for less, and nobody died because of what Nixon did.

My prediction is that the left will feel energized for a day or two, see no bounce for Obama in the heavily democrat favored rigged polls, and then despair. The next debate will be an even bigger freak show from the left. The fact is that Obama doesn’t want to run on his record of the last 4 years. He simply can’t because it has been a disaster. The lies are getting too blatant and too easy to debunk. He might be connecting with and even energizing the base, but they will soon see he is not reaching the moderates, and then I expect the class warfare and racism rhetoric to escalate to insane levels, turning even more people off. Voter fraud is about the only thing left for these Chicago crooks.

UPDATE: One of the bullshit lies going around is how great this economic recovery by Obama that he told us is responsible for that $4 a gallon gas, so this graph is, to show and compare a real recovery with what we have today, is called for.