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Barry on 2011

Dave Barry reviews 2011, which was a pretty crappy but probably less crappy than previous years. I mean, it can’t be all bad when bin, Laden Gadhafi and Lil’ Kim all went to that Great Torture Chamber Down Below. Still it takes someone like Dave Barry to make us laugh at it.

But all of these developments, unfortunate as they were, would not by themselves have made 2011 truly awful. What made it truly awful was the economy, which, for what felt like the 17th straight year, continued to stagger around like a zombie on crack. Nothing seemed to help. President Obama, whose instinctive reaction to pretty much everything that happens, including sunrise, is to deliver a nationally televised address, delivered numerous nationally televised addresses on the economy, but somehow these did not do the trick. Neither did the approximately 37 million words emitted by the approximately 249 Republican-presidential-contender televised debates, out of which the single most memorable statement made was, quote: “Oops.”

Barry’s takes on the debt, the Casey Anthony case, Anthony Wiener and OWS and just as good.

Back in May, I titled 2011 the Year of False Hopes, for very personal reasons. Hope for a Grand Bargain on the budget was for naught. Hope for a sane Presidential race was for naught (and it’s now taking two years, God help us). Hope for Europe was … Jesus Christ, I don’t even want to look. Is Europe stil there? Tsunamis, earthquakes, cats and dogs living together.

But … we made it to 2012. Here’s hoping you and all of us have a much better year.